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New Books received June 1996

Allston, Aaron. see [Bard's Tale]
Anderson, Poul and Karen Anderson. The King of Ys. $15.00.
Omnibus reprint Roma Mater (1986), Gallicinae (1987), Dahut (1988) and The Dog and the Wolf (1988).
Asprin, Robert and Linda Evans. Wagers of Sin. $5.99.
Sequel to Time Scout ($5.99). Cover art by Gary Ruddell.
[Bard's Tale] Holly Lisle and Aaron Allston. Thunder of the Captains. $5.99.
Based on the Electronic Arts game.
Barker, Clive. Sacrament. $25.00.
Bear, Greg. Blood Music. $13.95.
Reprint 1985 hardcover; first trade paperback edition. Cover art by Doug Struthers.
Blaylock, James. Paper Grail. $5.99.
Reprint 1991 hardcover; second printing, new cover.
Boorman, John and Walter Donohue, editors. Projections 5: Film-makers on Film-making. $16.95.
Interviews with Harryhausen, Nick Park and Henry Selick, Tarantino & De Palma, Jamie Lee & Tony Curtis, Jimmy Stewart and others.
Bradley, Marion Zimmer, editor. Sword and Sorceress XIII. $5.99.
Original anthology with stories by Clayton, Heydt, McQuillin, Paxson, Schimel, Shaver, Wheeler and others.
Carey, Diane. see [Star Trek]
Carter, Raphael. The Fortunate Fall. $21.95.
Jacket art by Bruce Jensen.
Clayton, Jo. Drum Warning. $23.95.
The Drums of Chaos 1.
Cole, Babette. Prince Cinders. $5.95.
Picture book illustrated by the author.
Cornell, Paul. see [Doctor Who]
Coupland, Douglas. Microserfs. $13.00.
Reprint 1995 hardcover.
Coupland, Douglas. Polaroids from the Dead. $18.00.
Courlander, Harold. A Treasury of African Folklore. $14.95.
Reprint 1975 hardcover.
Courlander, Harold. A Treasury of Afro-American Folklore. $14.95.
Reprint 1976 hardcover.
Crispin, A. C. and T. Jackson King. Ancestor's World. $5.99.
StarBridge 6.
Cunningham, Elaine. see [Forgotten Realms]
Dahl, Roald. see [audio]
David, Peter. see [The Incredible Hulk]
DeChancie, John. InnerVerse. $5.99.
Cover art by Thomas Canty.
Delany, Samuel R. Dhalgren. $17.95.
Reprint 1974 paperback; first trade paperback edition. New introduction by William Gibson.
Delany, Samuel R. Trouble on Triton. $14.95.
Reprint 1976 paperback (then as Triton; it now bears Delany's original title); first trade paperback edition. New foreword by Kathy Acker.
Dennett, Daniel C. Kinds of Minds: Toward an Understanding of Consciousness. $20.00.
DeWeese, Gene. see [Ravenloft]
[Disney]. Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame: An Animated Flip Book. $3.95.
One side the swinging Quasimodo, the other the bowing Esmerelda.
[Disney] Stephen Rebello. The Art of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. $50.00.
Douglas, L. Warren. The Wells of Phyre. $5.50.
A second Arbiter tale, following Stepwater ($4.99).
[Dragonlance] John Maddox Roberts. Murder in Tarsis. $18.99.
Jacket art by Larry Elmore.
[Dragonlance] Dan Parkinson. The Gully Dwarves. $5.99.
The Lost Histories 5. Cover art by Larry Elmore.
[Doctor Who] Paul Cornell. Happy Endings. $5.95.
Doctor Who The New Adventures 50.
"A gem. 'The Five Doctors' of the New Adventures series, it is best appreciated if one has read at least a few of the other books. I loved it."--Jennifer
Dunnett, Dorothy. To Lie with Lions. $27.00.
House of Niccolo 6. Jacket art by Kinuko Craft. 1471.
Evans, Linda. see Robert Asprin
[Forgotten Realms] Elaine Cunningham. Silver Shadows. $5.99.
The Harpers 13.
Foy, George. The Shift. $12.95.
Frazier, Ian. Coyote v. Acme. $17.00.
Collection of wacked-out comic prose. Dozois reprinted the title story in a Year's Best and nearly murdered our staff by forcing unstoppable fits of laughter.
Friedman, Michael Jan. see [Star Trek: The Next Generation]
[The Frighteners] Michael Jahn. The Frighteners. $5.99.
Based on the screenplay by Fran Walsh and Peter Jackson.
Froud, Brian and Terry Jones. The Goblin Companion: A Field Guide to Goblins. $19.95.
Possibly a reprint of The Goblins of Labyrinth (1986). Oddly, none of us can put our hands on our copies of what may be the source of this now smaller book.
Gaarder, Jostein. The Solitaire Mystery. $22.00.
Translation by Sarah Jane Hails from 1990 Norwegian (as Kabalmysteriet). Prequel to Sophie's World ($6.99).
Gabaldon, Diana. Outlander. $3.99.
Reprint 1991 hardcover time-travel historical (18th century Scotland) romance.
Gelb, Jeff and Michael Garrett, editors. Fear the Fever. $5.99.
Hot Blood 7: original horror anthology with stories by Brennert, Cacek, Jones (Bruce), Masterton, Taylor (Lucy), Williamson (J.N.) and others.
Girardi, Robert. Madeleine's Ghost. $11.95.
Reprint 1995 hardcover.
Green, Simon R. Deathstalker Rebellion. $5.99.
Being the Second Part of the Life and Times of Owen Deathstalker.
Greenberg, Martin, editor. The Way it Wasn't: Great Science Fiction Stories of Alternate History. $14.95.
Reprint anthology with stories by Bear, Leiber, Malzberg, Niven, Resnick, Robinson (Kim Stanley), Shwartz, Silverberg, Waldrop and others.
Gregory, Stephen. The Cormorant. $5.99.
Reprint 1986 British hardcover horror novel; second American paperback edition.
Hambly, Barbara. see [Star Wars]
Harris, Anne. The Nature of Smoke. $22.95.
A first novel.
Herbert, James. The Ghosts of Sleath. $5.99.
Reprint 1994 British hardcover.
Herbert, Mary H. Winged Magic. $5.99.
Cover art by Valerie A. Valusek.
Holder, Nancy and Melanie Tem. Witch-Light. $5.50.
Holdstock, Robert. Ancient Echoes. $12.95.
Reprint 1996 British hardcover.
Hunter, Jack, editor. House of Horror: The Complete Hammer Films Story. $19.95.
Second, revised and expanded edition of 1973 trade paperback. Non-fiction.
[The Incredible Hulk] Peter David. The Incredible Hulk: What Savage Beast. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. Cover art by Bruce Jensen, illustrations by George Perez. A Byron Preiss Multimedia Co package.
[Independence Day] Dean Devlin & Roland Emmerich and Stephen Molstad. Independence Day. $5.99.
Based on their screenplay. Eight pages of color stills.
Johnstone, William W. Rockabilly Limbo. $4.99.
Jones, Terry. see Brian Froud
Jordan, Robert. Crown of Swords. $27.95.
At last-the oft-postponed seventh volume in The Wheel of Time series! Wraparound jacket art by Darrell K. Sweet.
[Jove Books]. Timeswept Brides. $5.99.
Anthology of time travel romances.
Kandel, Michael. Panda Ray. $20.95.
Jacket art by Ron Walotsky.
Kerr, Katharine and Mark Kreighbaum. Palace: A Novel of the Pinch. $5.99.
Cover art by San Julian.
Kijewski, Karen. Honky Tonk Kat. $22.95.
The seventh Kat Colorado novel.
Kilworth, Garry D. Angel. $22.95.
Reprint 1993 British hardcover.
King, Stephen. The Bad Death of Eduard Delacroix. $2.99.
The Green Mile 4. Cover art by Robert Hunt. Illustration by Mark Geyer.
King, T. Jackson. see A. C. Crispin
Kreighbaum, Mark. see Katharine Kerr
Le Carré, John. A New Collection of Three Complete Novels: A Perfect Spy/The Russia House/The Secret Pilgrim. $13.99.
Omnibus reprint 1986, 1989 and 1990 British hardcovers.
"Just because the Smiley books are better doesn't mean these are quite fine, thank you. Recommended."--Debbie
Lewis, C. S. The Great Divorce. $6.00.
Reprint 1946 hardcover; second American trade paperback publisher.
Lewis, C. S. Out of the Silent Planet. $6.95.
Reprint 1938 British hardcover; third American paperback publisher.
Lewis, C. S. Perelandra. $6.95.
Reprint 1943 British hardcover; third American paperback publisher.
Lewis, C. S. The Screwtape Letters. $4.95.
Reprint 1942/61 British hardcover; second American trade paperback publisher.
Lewis, C. S. Space Trilogy boxed set. $20.85.
Lewis, C. S. That Hideous Strength. $6.95.
Reprint 1945 British hardcover; third American paperback publisher.
Lindahn, Val and Ron. The Secret Lives of Cats. $14.95.
Picture book.
Lisle, Holly. see [Bard's Tale]
Lively, Penelope. The Ghost of Thomas Kempe. $3.99.
Reprint 1973 British hardcover; second paperback edition. Illustrations by Antony Maitland.
Llywelyn, Morgan and Michael Scott. Silverlight. $21.00.
Arcana 2: sequel to Silverhand ($5.99). Jacket art by Clyde Caldwell.
[Magic: The Gathering] Sonia Orin Lyris. And Peace Shall Sleep. $5.50.
Magic: The Gathering 9.
Martine-Barnes, Adrienne. see Diana Paxson
Matera, Lia. Designer Crimes. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. A Laura Di Palma mystery novel.
Matthews, Caitlin. see Rachel Pollack
McKillip, Patricia A. Winter Rose. $19.95.
Wraparound jacket art by Kinuko Y. Craft.
"She does it again! Wonderful imagery, evocative prose, etc., etc. The jumping-off point for this story is Tam Lin, but her take on the tale is haunting and unique. Very highly recommended."--Jennifer
Millhauser, Steven. Martin Dressler: The Tale of an American Dreamer. $24.00.
Mosley, Walter. A Little Yellow Dog. $23.00.
A fifth Easy Rawlins mystery novel.
Mosley, Walter. RL's Dream. $12.00.
Reprint 1995 hardcover.
Muller, Marcia. The Broken Promise Land. $22.95.
The seventeenth Sharon McCone mystery novel.
Nasaw, Jonathan. The World on Blood. $22.95.
A vampire novel.
Nasir, Jamil. The Higher Space. $5.99.
Cover art by Bruce Jensen.
Nesbit, E. The Phoenix and the Carpet. $3.99.
Reprint 1904 British hardcover.
Nesbit, E. The Railway Children. $3.99.
Reprint 1906 hardcover.
Nesbit, E. The Story of the Treasure Seekers. $3.99.
Reprint 1899 hardcover.
Niles, Douglas. A Breach in the Watershed. $5.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover. Watershed 1.
Niven, Larry. The Ringworld Throne. $23.00.
Jacket art by Barclay Shaw.
"Good setting. Good characters. Niven's prose is adequate. Paced fairly well for the first half, but the second half is not as good. Too much Protector stuff."--Gibb
Nye, Jody Lynn, editor. Don't Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear. $5.99.
Original anthology with science fiction stories about mom by Asprin, Duane, Effinger (Maureen Birnbaum!), Friesner, McCaffrey, Moon, Scarborough, Sherman (Josepha) and others.
Odom, Mel. see [Shadowrun]
Palliser, Charles. Betrayals. $12.95.
Reprint 1994 British hardcover; first American trade paperback.
Park, Paul. The Gospel of Corax. $25.00.
An historical Christ novel.
Parker, Robert B. Chance. $21.95.
The twenty-fourth (we think) Spenser mystery novel.
Parkinson, Dan. see [Dragonlance]
Paxson, Diana and Adrienne Martine-Barnes. Sword of Fire and Shadow. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. The Third Chronicle of Fionn mac Cumhal.
Perry, Steve. The Trinity Vector. $5.99.
Pike, Christopher. Evil Thirst. $3.99.
The Last Vampire 5.
Pollack, Rachel and Caitlin Matthews, editor. Tarot Tales. $5.99.
Original anthology with stories by Bradfield, Constantine, Finch, Harrison (M. John), Jones (Gwyneth), Lichtenberg, Moorcock and others.
Pronzini, Bill. Hardcase. $5.50.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. A Nameless Detective mystery novel.
[Ravenloft] Gene DeWeese. King of the Dead. $5.99.
Reichert, Mickey Zucker. Beyond Ragnarok. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. The Renshai Chronicles 1. Cover art by Jody A. Lee.
Reimann, Katya. Wind from a Foreign Sky. $23.95.
The Tielmaran Chronicles 1.
Rendell, Ruth. Blood Lines. $23.00.
Reprint 1996 British hardcover mystery collection.
Rickman, Phil. December. $6.99.
Revised reprint 1994 British hardcover.
Roberts, John Maddox. see [Dragonlance]
Robinson, Kim Stanley. Blue Mars. $22.95.
Reprint 1996 British hardcover. Completes trilogy begun in Red Mars and Green Mars ($5.99 each).
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn. see [Star Trek: The Next Generation]
Rushkoff, Douglas. Playing the Future. $25.00.
How Kid's Culture Can Teach Us to Thrive in an Age of Chaos. Non-fiction.
Sammon, Paul M. Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner. $14.00.
Non-fiction. Finally the complete Tyrrell sequence revealed . . .
Scott, Michael. see Morgan Llywelyn
[Shadowrun] Mel Odom. Preying for Keeps. $5.50.
Shadowrun 21.
Silverberg, Robert. Majipoor Chronicles. $5.99.
Reprint 1982 hardcover; second paperback publisher. Majipoor 2. Same Jim Burns cover art as previous publisher.
Smith, Dean Wesley. see [Star Trek: The Next Generation]
Somtow, S. P. Riverrun Trilogy. $14.99.
Omnibus collection, reprinting the first two novels, Riverrun (1991) and Armorica (1992, then as Forest of the Night), and publishing the concluding novel, Yestern, for the first time.
Springer, Claudia. Electronic Eros: Bodies and Desire in the Postindustrial Age. $12.95.
[Star Trek] Diane Carey. First Strike. $5.99.
Star Trek 79: Invasion Book One. First of a four-part crossover with the other Star Trek novel series.
[Star Trek: The Next Generation] Rick Sternbach. Star Trek: The Next Generation: U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Blueprints. $24.00.
[Star Trek: The Next Generation] Michael Jan Friedman. Star Trek: The Next Generation: Kahless. $23.00.
[Star Trek: The Next Generation] Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch. The Soldiers of Fear. $5.99.
Star Trek: The Next Generation 41: Invasion Book Two. Second of a four-part crossover with the other Star Trek novel series.
[Star Wars] Barbara Hambly. Children of the Jedi. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. Cover art by Dru Struzan.
Starbuck, Kathlyn S. Time in Mind. $5.50.
Reprint 1992 British hardcover.
Steiber, Ellen. see [X-Files]
Sternbach, Rick. see [Star Trek: The Next Generation]
Stine, Jean. Thrill City. $6.95.
Reprint 1969 paperback erotic novel.
Stine, R. L. Fear Street Super Chiller: Goodnight Kiss 2. $3.99.
Sequel to Goodnight Kiss ($3.99). Young adult vampire novel.
Stine, R. L. Ghost Camp. $3.99.
Goosebumps 45.
Tem, Melanie. see Nancy Holder
Watkins, William John. Cosmic Thunder. $5.99.
Cover art by Matt Stawicki.
Weinberg, Robert. The Unbeholden. $5.99.
Masquerade of the Red Death 3: A Vampire: The Masquerade Novel.
Wetering, Janwillem van de. The Hollow-Eyed Angel. $22.00.
A thirteenth Grijpstra-de Gier mystery novel.
White, Edmund. Caracole. $13.00.
Reprint 1985 hardcover; second trade paperback edition.
Wingrove, David. White Moon, Red Dragon. $14.95.
Reprint 1994 (despite 1996 copyright) British hardcover. Chung Kuo 6.
Wright, Stephen. M31: A Family Romance. $11.95.
Reprint 1988 hardcover; second trade paperback edition.
[X-Files] Ellen Steiber. Shapes. $3.95.
X-Files 6: young adult novelization based on the teleplay by Marilyn Osborn.
Yolen, Jane. Passager. $15.00.
Young Merlin Trilogy 1. Young adult novel based on her short story 'Wild Child'. Jacket art by Bryan Leister.
Zahn, Timothy. Conquerors' Legacy. $5.99.
Sequel to Conquerors' Pride and Conquerors' Heritage ($5.99).
Zambreno, Mary Frances. A Plague of Sorcerers. $5.95.
Reprint 1991 hardcover young adult fantasy with skunk.
Zebrowski, George. The Sunspacers Trilogy. $14.99.
Omnibus collection, reprinting young adult science fiction novels Sunspacer (1984) and The Stars Will Speak (1985), and presenting the third part, Behind the Stars, for the first time in book form.

Audio/Video received June 1996

[audio] Roald Dahl. James and the Giant Peach. $11.95.
Abridged reading by the author on one sixty-two minute cassette.


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