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March 1998 Releases

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New Books received 21 - 27 March 1998

Allende, Isabel. Aphrodite: A Memoir of the Senses. $26.00.
Hardcover translation by Margaret Sayers Peden. Drawings by Robert Shekter. Recipes by Panchita Llona.
Atwood, Margaret. The Edible Woman. $12.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1970 hardcover.
Bechdel, Alison. The Indelible Alison Bechdel: Confessions, Comix, and Miscellaneous Dykes to Watch Out For. $16.95.
Trade paperback.
Christian, M., editor. Eros ex Machina: Eroticizing the Mechanical. $7.95.
Paperback original anthology with erotic science fiction stories by Califia, Dedman, Jakubowski, Killian, Kilpatrick, Laidlaw, Queen, Shirley, Tan, Taylor and others.
Dery, Mark. Escape Velocity: Cyberculture at the End of the Century. $15.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover non-fiction.
DeWan, Ted. The Sorcerer's Apprentice. $15.95.
Hardcover picture book. A wonderful, hilarious updating with robots taking the place of the famous broom(s).
Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee. The Mistress of Spices. $12.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1997 hardcover food magic realist novel.
Feiffer, Jules. I Lost My Bear. $16.00.
Hardcover picture book.
Fowler, Karen Joy. Sarah Canary. $12.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1991 hardcover; second trade paperback edition. Adds A Conversation with Karen Joy Fowler and a Reader's Guide.
Fulton, Roger. The Encyclopedia of TV Science Fiction. $19.95.
Trade paperback revised reprint 1990 trade paperback non-fiction episode guide/listing.
Furlong, Monica. Robin's Country. $4.99.
Digest paperback reprint 1995 hardcover young adult Robin Hood novel. Cover art by Mark Elliott.
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins. The Yellow Wall-Paper. $5.95.
Trade paperback revised reprint 1973 trade paperback reprint of 1892 story. Afterword by Elaine R. Hedges.
Gorey, Edward. Edward Gorey Address Book. $19.95.
Hardcover with spiral-bound address pages.
Heath, Jennifer. On the Edge of Dream: The Women of Celtic Myth and Legend. $11.95.
Trade paperback non-fiction.
Hoffman, Alice. Here on Earth. $13.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1997 hardcover.
Johnstone, William W. From the Ashes: America Reborn: The Complete Guide to the Ashes Series and the Tri-State Manifesto. $5.99.
Lackey, Mercedes. Oathblood. $6.99.
Paperback Tarma and Kethry collection with two new stories. Cover art by Jody A. Lee.
Marryat, Capt. Frederick. Newton Forster, or The Merchant Service. $13.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1832 British hardcover naval novel.
McBain, Ed. Nocturne. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1997 hardcover. An 87th Precinct novel.
McFarland, Dennis. A Face at the Window. $13.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1997 hardcover ghost story.
[Nebula Awards] Jack Dann, editor. Nebula Awards 32. $13.00.
Trade paperback
Robinson, Frank M. and Lawrence Davidson. Pulp Culture: The Art of Fiction Magazines. $39.95.
Hardcover non-fiction.
Russell, Mary Doria. Children of God. $23.95.
Hardcover sequel to The Sparrow ().
"As rich & complex as The Sparrow, but told from a perspective with a little more distance, slightly less immediacy. As, if not more, thought provoking, and I think could be read on its own. Highly recommended."--Jennifer
Sabatini, Rafael. Captain Blood. $13.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1922 hardcover. Cover art by Howard Pyle.
Salvatore, R. A. The Demon Spirit. $25.95.
Hardcover sequel to The Demon Awakens (). Jacket art by Alan Pollock.
[Star Wars] Christopher Golden. Choose Your Own Star Wars Adventure: A New Hope. $4.50.
Digest paperback. Illustrations by Eric Cherry.
[Star Wars] George Lucas. Star Wars: A New Hope: The Illustrated Screenplay. $12.00.
Trade paperback abridged (dropping all color illustrations) reprint Star Wars: The Art of A New Hope (1997). Includes highlights from 1977 Rolling Stone interview with Lucas.
[Star Wars] Leigh Brackett and Lawrence Kasdan. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: The Illustrated Screenplay. $12.00.
Trade paperback abridged (dropping all color illustrations) reprint Star Wars: The Art of The Empire Strikes Back (1997; or so the copyright page claims -- actually that art book did not contain the screenplay, making this its first separate publication). Introduction by Irvin Kershner.
[Star Wars] Lawrence Kasdan and George Lucas. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: The Illustrated Screenplay. $12.00.
Trade paperback abridged (dropping all color illustrations) reprint Star Wars: The Art of Return of the Jedi (1997). Introduction by Howard Kazanjian.
Stevenson, Robert Louis. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. $10.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1990 Pennyroyal Press reprint 1886 hardcover. Illustrations by Barry Moser. Foreword by Oates.
Tan, Cecilia, editor. Wired Hard 2: More Erotica for a Gay Universe. $14.95.
Trade paperback original anthology with erotic short stories by Bowen, Christian, Laurents, 'Powell', Schwartz and others.
Vachss, Andrew. Safe House. $24.00.
Hardcover. A Burke novel.
Warner, Alan. These Demented Lands. $12.95.
Trade paperback reprint British 1997 hardcover.

New Books received 14 - 20 March 1998

Adams, Scott. Random Acts of Catness. $4.95.
A Dilbert mini-book.
Adams, Scott. You Can't Schedule Stupidity. $4.95.
A Dilbert mini-book.
Aesop. The Complete Fables. $8.95.
Trade paperback new translation by Olivia and Robert Temple fr Chambry's 1927 French.
Anderson, Kevin J. and Doug Beason. Ignition. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1997 hardcover. Cover art by Gary Ruddell.
[Animorphs] K. A. Applegate. Animorphs 17: The Underground. $3.99.
Digest paperback. Rachel morphas as a bat. Cover art by David B. Mattingly.
Anthony, Piers and Alfred Tella. The Willing Spirit. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Cover art by Tristan Elwell.
Atwood, Margaret. The Handmaid's Tale. $11.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1986 hardcover.
Barnes, John. Earth Made of Glass. $25.95.
Hardcover. Seq A Million Open Doors (). Jacket art by John Harris.
Barr, Nevada. Anna Pigeon 6: Blind Descent. $22.95.
Hardcover. This one set in Carlsbad Caverns.
Borden, Bill with Steve Posner. The Big Book of Big Little Books. $16.95.
Hardcover non-fiction.
Broderick, Damien. The White Abacus. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1997 hardcover.
Carr, John Dickson. Captain Cut-Throat. $4.95.
Paperback reprint 1955 hardcover.
[Charnas, Suzy McKee as] 'Rebecca Brand'. The Ruby Tear. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1997 hardcover vampire romance novel. Cover art by Vladimir Nenov.
Christofferson, April. Edgewater. $6.99.
Paperback thriller.
Cole, Allan. Tales of the Timuras 2: Wolves of the Gods. $13.00.
Trade paperback. Seq Wizard of the Winds. Cover art by Stephen Hickman.
Cornwell, Patricia. Postmortem. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1990 hardcover; second paperback publisher.
Crichton, Michael. Sphere. $12.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1987 hardcover.
Dalkey, Kara. Blood of the Goddess 2: Bijapur. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1997 hardcover. Sequel to Goa (). Cover art by Richard Bober.
Dennett, Daniel C. Brainchildren: Essays on Designing Minds. $20.00.
Trade paperback non-fiction.
Dickinson, Peter. The Lion Tamer's Daughter and Other Stories. $15.95.
Hardcover collection.
Dickson, Gordon R. Soldier, Ask Not. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1967 paperback; third publisher, second printing. Cover art by Royo.
Douglas, Carole Nelson. Midnight Louie 7: Cat in a Flamingo Fedora. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1997 hardcover.
[Dragonlance] Margaret Weis and Don Perrin. The Chaos War 1: The Doom Brigade. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Cover art by Keith Parkinson.
Durgin, Doranna. Barrenlands. $5.99.
Paperback. Cover art by Darrell K. Sweet, very darkly reproduced.
[Elvira] [Cassandra Peterson as] 'Elvira' with John Paragon. Elvira 3: The Boy Who Cried Werewolf. $5.50.
[Fantastic Four] Michael Jan Friedman. Fantastic Four: Redemption of the Silver Surfer. $6.50.
Paperback reprint 1997 hardcover. Cover art by Steve Fastner and Dave DeVries; illustrations by George Perez. A Byron Preiss Multimedia Company, Inc. package.
Farmer, Philip Jose. The World of Tiers 1. $27.95.
Hardcover, supposed to have been published back in December 1996. Omnibus collecting The Maker of Universes (1965), The Gates of Creation (1966) and A Private Cosmos (1968). Jacket art by Boris Vallejo, reprinted from the second Ace Books edition.
Feist, Raymond E. Shards of a Broken Crown. $24.00.
Hardcover. The Serpentwar Saga 4.
Flynn, Michael. The Forest of Time and Other Stories. $13.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1997 hardcover collection. Cover art by Bruce Jensen.
Flynn, Michael. Rogue Star. $25.95.
Hardcover. Sequel to Firestar ().
[Forever Knight] Anne Hathaway-Nayne. Forever Knight [3]: These Our Revels. $5.99.
Paperback. Based on tv series created by James D. Parriott and Barney Cohen.
[Forgotten Realms] Dave Gross. The Double Diamond Triangle Saga 5: An Opportunity for Profit. $2.99.
Paperback. At 87 pages this is a well-named book.
[Forgotten Realms] Mel Odom. Lost Empires 1: The Lost Library of Cormanthyr. $5.99.
Paperback. Cover art by Alan Pollack.
Forward, Robert L. Saturn Rukh. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1997 hardcover. Wraparound ca Bob Eggleton.
Fraser, George MacDonald. Black Ajax. $23.00.
Hardcover reprint 1997 British hardcover. Flashman Senior in Regency England.
Gaiman, Neil and Charles Vess. Stardust Book 4. $6.95.
Trade paperback. Final part of illustrated short novel.
Gardner, James Alan. Commitment Hour. $5.99.
"A good, solid read with some interesting underlying concepts. Has nothing to do with his previous novel except good storytelling & evocative language. Recommended. "--Jennifer
Ginsburg, Mirra. Two Greedy Bears. $5.99.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover picture bk illustrations by Jose Aruego and Ariane Dewey.
Gloss, Molly. The Dazzle of Day. $12.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1997 hardcover.
Goldsmith, Donald. The Hunt for Life on Mars. $13.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1997 hardcover non-fiction. New epilogue with latest discoveries.
Goulart, Ron. Groucho Marx, Master Detective. $22.95.
Gould, Steven. Helm. $24.95.
Hardcover. Wraparound jacket art by Jim Burns.
Hamilton, Virginia. A White Romance. $4.50.
Paperback reprint 1987 non-fantasy young adult novel. Cover art by Leo and Diane Dillon.
Heising, Willetta L. Detecting Men: A Reader's Guide and Checklist for Mystery Series Written by Men. $29.95.
Trade paperback. Actually, this includes only men who were living in 1995, ergo no Chandler, Hammett, MacDonald, Queen or others of the earlier generations.
[Hercules] Ted Edwards. Hercules X-Posed: The Unauthorized Biography of Kevin Sorbo and His On-Screen Character. $16.00.
Trade paperback non-fiction.
Hogan, James P. Mind Matters: Exploring the World of Artificial Intelligence. $25.00.
Hardcover non-fiction.
Johnson, Donald S. Phantom Islands of the Atlantic: The Legends of Seven Lands That Never Were. $12.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1994 hardcover non-fiction about
Kayzer, Wim. A Glorious Accident: Understanding Our Place in the Cosmic Puzzle. $24.95.
Hardcover. Companion to the Public Television Series. Interviews with Dennett, Dyson, Gould, Sacks, Sheldrak and Toulmin.
Knight, Christopher and Robert Lomas. The Hiram Key: Pharoahs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scr. $16.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1997 hardcover non-fiction.
Lackey, Mercedes [and Larry Dixon]. Fiddler Fair. $5.99.
Paperback collection. Introduction explains that stories are by both. Cover art by Clyde Caldwell
[Attanasio, A. A. as] 'Adam Lee'. The Dominions of Irth 2: The Shadow Eater. $13.00.
Trade paperback. Sequel to The Dark Shore ().
Le Guin, Ursula K. Steering the Craft: Exercises and Discussions on Story Writing for the Lone Navigator or the Mutinous Crew. $14.95.
Trade paperback non-fiction.
Leiber, Fritz. The Adventures of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser 3: Return to Lankhmar. $5.99.
Paperback rep 1997 hardcover omni rep The Swords of Lankhmar 68 Swords and Ice Magic 77.
Lethem, Jonathan. Girl in Landscape. $22.95.
[Lost in Space] Catherine Clark. Lost in Space [digest novelization]. $3.98.
Digest paperback. Based scrply Akiva Goldsman. Eight pages color stills.
Lurie, Alison. Imaginary Friends. $13.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1967 hardcover magic realist novel.
Lurie, Alison. Real People. $12.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1969 hardcover magic realist novel.
Lynn, Elizabeth A. Dragon's Winter. $21.95.
Hardcover. Jacket art by Duane O. Myers.
Macdonald, Ross. The Moving Target. $11.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1949 hardcover Lew Archer mystery novel.
Macdonald, Ross. The Wycherly Woman. $11.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1961 hardcover Lew Archer novel.
Macdonald, Ross. The Zebra-Striped Hearse. $11.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1962 hardcover Lew Archer novel.
Matthews, Christine and Robert J. Randisi, editors. Lethal Ladies II. $6.99.
Paperback anthology with original stories by Dain, Pickard, Singer and others; reprints by Muller, Paretsky and Rozan.
Mayer, Debby. Literary Agents: The Essential Guide for Writers: Fourth Edition. $12.95.
Trade paperback non-fiction.
McGraw, Eloise. The Moorchild. $4.50.
Digest paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. A Newbery Honor book. Cover art by James Bernardin.
"A pleasant little story, in the stolen child fairy tale vein."--Jennifer
Moon, Elizabeth. Once a Hero. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1997 hardcover. Cover art by Gary Ruddell.
Norton, Andre and Sherwood Smith. Derelict for Trade. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1997 hardcover. A Solar Queen novel. Cover art by Nicholas Jainschigg.
Nylund, Eric S. Dry Water. $3.99.
Paperback reprint 1997 hardcover.
[Outer Limits] John Peel. The Innocent. $3.99.
Digest paperback. The Outer Limits 6.
Parker, Robert B. Sudden Mischief. $22.95.
Hardcover. A Spenser novel.
Perez-Reverte, Arturo. The Club Dumas. $13.00.
Trade paperback r 96 hardcover trans Sonia Soto 1993 Spanish bibliophile mystery.
Perry, Anne. Charlotte and Thomas Pitt 18: Brunswick Gardens. $25.00.
Hardcover. 1891 England.
Pierce, Tamora. Circle of Magic 2: Tris's Book. $15.95.
Hardcover. Sequel to Sandry's Book ().
Pike, Christopher. See You Later. $4.50.
Paperback reprint 1990 paperback; twelfth printing. Young adult time-travel romantic thriller.
Pynchon, Thomas. Slow Learner: Early Stories. $13.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1984 hardcover collection; ninth printing.
[Ravenloft] William W. Connors and Carrie A. Bebris. Shadowborn. $5.99.
Paperback. Cover art by Ciruelo Cabral.
Reaves, Michael. Voodoo Child. $25.95.
Hardcover. Jacket art by Michael Koelsch.
Resnick, Mike. Kirinyaga: A Fable of Utopia. $25.00.
Hardcover fix-up from Award-winning and nominated stories. Wraparound jacket art by John Harris.
Rice, Anne. Pandora: New Tales of the Vampires [Large Print Edition]. $19.95.
Trade paperback.
Roberson, Jennifer. Sword-Born: A Novel of Tiger and Del. $24.95.
Hardcover. Wraparound jacket art by Jim Burns.
Saberhagen, Fred. Book of the Gods 1: The Face of Apollo. $13.95.
Trade paperback. Cover art by Julie Bell.
Saberhagen, Fred. Book of the Gods 1: The Face of Apollo. $25.95.
Hardcover. Cover art by Julie Bell.
San Souci, Robert D. A Weave of Words. $15.95.
Hardcover picture book. Jacket art by illustrations by Raul Colon.
Sayers, Dorothy L. Busman's Honeymoon. $4.99.
Paperback reprint 1937 hardcover; second printing this edition, new price.
Sayers, Dorothy L. Gaudy Night. $4.99.
Paperback reprint 1936 British hardcover; second printing this publisher, new price.
Sayers, Dorothy L. The Letters of Dorothy L. Sayers Volume II: 1937 to 1943: From Novelist to Playwright. $27.95.
Hardcover reprint 1997 British hardcover. Edited by Barbara Reynolds. Preface by P. D. James.
Sayers, Dorothy L. Strong Poison. $4.99.
Paperback reprint 1930 hardcover; second printing thus, new price.
Shermer, Michael. Why People Believe Weird Things: Pseudoscience, Superstition, and Other Confusions of Our Time . $22.95.
Hardcover non-fiction. Foreword by Stephen Jay Gould.
Shinn, Sharon. The Alleluia Files. $13.95.
Trade paperback. Cover art by John Jude Palencar.
Stabenow, Dana. Kate Shugak 7: Breakup. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1997 hardcover.
[Star Trek: The Next Generation: Starfleet Academy] Bobbi JG Weiss & David Cody Weiss. Star Trek: The Next Generation: Starfleet Academy 14: Deceptions. $3.99.
Digest paperback. Cover art by Donato Giancola; illustrations by Jason Palmer.
[Star Trek Deep Space Nine] Steve Barnes. Far Beyond the Stars. $6.50.
Paperback. Novelization based on the teleplay by Ira Steven Behr and Hans Beimler, based on the story by Marc Scott Zicree.
"I would consider this a novel, not a novelization, no matter how true to the script it may be (I haven't seen the episode -- I can't tell) because it is complete in itself emotionally, plotwise and characterwise, as well as conveying a very powerful story. Recommended."--Jennifer
[Star Trek Voyager] Stephen Edward Poe. A Vision of the Future: Star Trek Voyager. $18.00.
Trade paperback non-fiction. Not just an episode guide.
[Star Trek: The New Frontier] Peter David. Fire on High. $6.50.
Paperback. Star Trek: The New Frontier 6.
"A workmanlike job, readable & entertaining. I like that this series does not depend on the various TV series' continuities, and is exempt from the usual rule of 'no book may relate to any other book' that holds for the other book lines."--Jennifer
[Star Wars] [Dark Horse] John Wagner. Star Wars: Boba Fett: Death, Lies, & Treachery. $12.95.
Trade paperback coll three 1997 Dark Horse comics. Art by Cam Kennedy.
[Star Wars] [Dark Horse] Timothy Zahn. Star Wars: Dark Force Rising. $17.95.
Trade paperback reprint collecting the six issues of the Dark Horse graphic novel adapation of Zahn's 1992 hardcover, text by Mike Baron, pencils by Terry Dodson and inks by Kevin Nowlan. Introduction by Michael A. Stackpole.
Stein, Garth. Raven Stole the Moon. $22.00.
Hardcover. Alaskan supernatural thriller.
Stover, Matthew Woodring. Jericho Moon. $15.95.
Trade paperback.
Strauss, Victoria. The Arm of the Stone. $5.99.
Tessier, Thomas. Fog Heart. $23.95.
Hardcover reprint 1997 British hardcover supernatural suspense.
Tolkien, J. R. R. Roverandom. $17.00.
Hardcover reprint 1997 British hardcover. Edited with Introduction and Notes by Christina Scull and Wayne G. Hammond. Includes three watercolour and two pen & ink plates by Tolkien.
[Unreal] Ryan Hughes. Unreal 1: Hard Crash. $5.99.
Paperback based on the GT Interactive Software CD-ROM game.
[Unreal] Dean Wesley Smith. Unreal 2: Prophet's Power. $5.99.
Paperback based on the GT Interactive Software CD-ROM game.
Vance, Jack. Ports of Call. $24.95.
Hardcover. Jacket art by Vladimir Nenov.
White, Michael. Isaac Newton: The Last Sorcerer. $27.00.
Hardcover biography.
Wright, Ronald. A Scientific Romance. $23.00.
Yolen, Jane. Tam Lin. $6.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1990 hardcover picture book. Cover art and illustrations by Charles Mikolaycak.
[audio] Michael Crichton. Eaters of the Dead. $18.00.
Abridged reading by Victor Garber. Appr 3 hr 2 cass. Intr runn comm author.
[audio] C. S. Lewis. Narnia 2: Prince Caspian. $16.99.
Full-cast BBC Radio dramatisation. Approximately two hours on two cassettes.
[audio] Homer. The Odyssey. $49.95.
Unabridged reading by Ian McKellan. Appr 13 hrs 10 min on 12 cassettes.
[audio] [Star Wars] A. C. Crispin. The Han Solo Trilogy 3: Rebel Dawn. $16.99.
Abridged reading by David Pittu. Approximately three hours on two cassettes.
[cd] Anne Rice. Pandora: New Tales of the Vampires. $19.95.
Abridged reading by Janet McTeer. Approximately three hours on three CDs.

New Books received 7 - 13 March 1998

Bakis, Kirsten. Lives of the Monster Dogs. $12.99.
Trade paperback reprint 1997 hardcover.
[Coen, Ethan and Joel Coen] William Preston Robertson. The Big Lebowski: The Making of a Coen Brothers Film. $17.00.
Trade paperback non-fiction. Includes production illustrations by John Todd Anderson and Rafael Sanudo.
Coupland, Douglas. Girlfriend in a Coma. $24.00.
Hardcover novel.
Coupland, Douglas. see also [audio]
Crispin, A. C. see [Star Wars]
Ellroy, James. The Black Dahlia. $12.99.
Trade paperback reprint 1987 hardcover; first trade paperback edition.
Elrod, P. N. Bloodlist. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1990 paperback; ninth printing. The Vampire Files 1. New cover art by Frank Gambino gives equal weight to its detective side as well as its vampire side.
Feynman, Richard P. Six Not So Easy Pieces: Einstein's Relativity, Symmetry, and Space-Time. $14.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1997 hardcover.
Feynman, Richard P. Six Not So Easy Pieces: Einstein's Relativity, Symmetry, and Space-Time [CD edition]. $35.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1997 hardcover. In slipcase with six compact discs with recordings of the lectures.
Finney, Jack. Invasion of the Body Snatchers. $10.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1978 paperback revision 1955 paperback (as The Body Snatchers).
Gallison, Kate. Hasty Retreat. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1997 hardcover. Mother Lavinia Grey 4.
Grant, Linda. Vampire Bytes. $22.00.
Hardcover. A Catherine Sayler crime novel.
Kafka, Franz. The Castle. $25.00.
Hardcover new translation by Mark Harman of 1990 revised German hardcover.
Leonard, Elmore. Maximum Bob. $9.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1991 hardcover.
Leon, Vicki. Outrageous Women of the Middle Ages. $12.95.
Trade paperback.
Leonard, Elmore. Riding the Rap. $9.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 hardcover.
Llywelyn, Morgan. 1916: A Novel of the Irish Rebellion. $24.95.
Hardcover historical novel.
McBain, Ed. The Last Best Hope. $24.00.
Hardcover thriller.
Mortimer, John. The Third Rumpole Omnibus. $16.95.
Trade paperback omnibus reprint Rumpole and the Age of Miracles (1988), Rumpole a la Carte (1990) and Rumpole and the Angel of Death (1995).
Neville, Katherine. see [audio]
Penzler, Otto, editor. Murder for Revenge. $21.95.
Hardcover original anthology Block, Clark, Hess, Lustbader, Morrell, Oates, Silverstein, Straub and others.
Reed, Robert. An Exaltation of Larks. $12.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 hardcover.
Rice, Anne. Pandora: New Tales of the Vampires. $19.95.
Hardcover offshoot from The Vampire Chronicles.
Rice, Anne. see also [audio]
San Souci, Robert D. Young Lancelot. $6.99.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 picture book. Cover art and illustrations by Janmichael Henterly.
[Star Wars] John Whitman. Spore. $4.50.
Digest paperback, with hologram cover. Galaxy of Fear 9.
[Star Wars] A. C. Crispin. Rebel Dawn. $5.99.
Paperback. The Han Solo Trilogy 3: sequel to The Paradise Snare ($5.99) and The Hutt Gambit ($5.99). Cover art by Drew Struzan.
[audio] Douglas Coupland. Girlfriend in a Coma. $18.00.
Abridged reading by Robert Sean Leonard. Approximately three hours on two cassettes.
[audio] Katherine Neville. The Magic Circle. $25.00.
Abridged reading by Megan Follows. Approximately six hours on four cassettes.
[audio] Anne Rice. Pandora: New Tales of the Vampires. $18.00.
Abridged reading by Janet McTeer. Approximately three hours on two cassettes.

New Books received 28 February - 6 March 1998

Allston, Aaron. see [audio]
[Amazing Stories] Kim Mohan, editor. More Amazing Stories. $24.95.
Hardcover anthology with original stories by Arnason, Hood, Morressy, Nagata, Springer, Taylor (L. A.) and others; reprint stories by Benford, Dick, Gardner, Le Guin and Waldrop. Jacket art by Bob Eggleton.
Asimov, Isaac. The Roving Mind. $18.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1983 hardcover non-fiction. Includes new tributes by Clarke, de Camp, Ellison, Gould, and others.
Atherton, Nancy. Aunt Dimity Digs In. $21.95.
Hardcover. Jacket art by Jerry Lofaro (features Reginald the pink flannel bunny).
"These are always fun, and this is no exception."--Debbie
Atxaga, Bernardo. The Lone Man. $11.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 British hardcover translation by Margaret Jull Costa of 1994 Spanish thriller.
[Babylon 5] Jane Killick. Signs and Portents. $11.00.
Trade paperback slightly revised reprint 1997 British trade paperback non-fiction. Babylon 5: Season by Season [1]. Includes eight pages of color stills.
"Entertaining & informative."--Jennifer
[Bard's Tale] Holly Lisle. Curse of the Black Heron. $5.99.
Paperback. A Bard's Tale 8: based on the Electronic Arts game. A Bill Fawcett package. Cover art by Tom Kidd.
[Battletech] Michael A. Stackpole. Warrior: En Garde. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1988 paperback. Battletech 37: The Warrior Trilogy 1.
Block, Lawrence. The Topless Tulip Caper. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1975 hardcover comic mystery. Chip Harrison 4.
Bonansinga, Jay. Head Case. $23.00.
Bova, Ben. Moonwar. $23.00.
Hardcover. The Moonbase Saga 2: sequel to Moonrise ($6.99).
Burke, Jan. Irene Kelly 5: Hocus. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1997 hardcover.
Calder, Richard. Dead Girls Dead Boys Dead Things. $15.95.
Trade paperback omnibus reprint Dead Girls (1992), Dead Boys (1994) and Dead Things (1996) British hardcovers. Cover art by Catherine Parr.
Carr, John Dickson. Papa La-Bas. $4.95.
Paperback reprint 1968 hardcover historical (1858 New Orleans) mystery novel.
Claremont, Chris. see [George Lucas]
Clarke, Arthur C. and Gentry Lee. Cradle. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1988 hardcover; tenth printing. Cover art by Jim Warren.
Conner, Miguel. The Queen of Darkness. $5.99.
Paperback vampires-rule-the-future novel. Cover art by Michael Bohbot.
Dann, Jack and Gardner Dozois, editors. Clones. $5.99.
Paperback anthology reprinting stories (not about the Castro) by Egan, Haldeman, Knight, Le Guin, MacLeod, Sargent, Sheffield, Varley, and Wilhelm. Cover art by Lee MacLeod.
Day, Dianne. The Bohemian Murders. $5.50.
Paperback reprint 1997 hardcover. Fremont Jones 3: historical (1907 California) mystery novel, sequel to The Strange Files of Fremont Jones ($5.50) and Fire and Fog ($5.50). Cover art by Wiktor Sadowski.
DeBrandt, Don. Steeldriver. $5.99.
Paperback. Cover art by Jean Pierre Targete.
Demi. The Dalai Lama. $16.95.
Hardcover picture book, illustrated by the author. Foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
Devenport, Emily. Godheads. $5.99.
Dexter, Colin. Death is Now My Neighbor. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 British hardcover. Inspector Morse 12.
Doherty, P. C. The Devil's Hunt. $21.95.
Hardcover reprint 1996 British hardcover. Hugh Corbett 10.
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. see [audio]; [audio].
Dozois, Gardner. see Jack Dann
Francis, Dick. Straight. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1989 hardcover; eleventh printing. New cover format.
"One of his better recent efforts. Recommended."--Debbie
Fraser, Antonia. A Splash of Red. $10.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1981 hardcover; second trade paperback edition. Jemima Shore 3.
Gotlieb, Phyllis. Flesh and Gold. $23.95.
Grant, Charles. In the Mood. $23.95.
Hardcover. The Millennium Quartet 2: sequel to Symphony ($5.99).
Hamilton, Lyn. The Maltese Goddess. $5.99.
Paperback archaeological mystery novel.
Hamilton, Peter F. Consolidation. $6.50.
Paperback reprint first half 1997 British hardcover. The Neutronium Alchemist 1: sequel to The Reality Dysfunction 1: Emergence ($5.99) and The Reality Dysfunction 2: Expansion ($5.99).
Harrison, M. John. see 'Gabriel King'
Hess, Joan. The Maggody Militia. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1997 hardcover. Arly Hanks 10.
Heydt, Dorothy J. A Point of Honor. $5.99.
Paperback. Cover art by Romas Kukalis. Signed copies available.
[Lindholm, Megan] as 'Robin Hobb'. Ship of Magic. $23.95.
Hardcover. The Liveship Traders 1. Jacket art by Stephen Youll.
"A very readable story; I especially enjoyed the personalities of the ships themselves."--Debbie
Iovine, John. Robots, Androids, and Animatrons: 12 Incredible Projects You Can Build!. $19.95.
Trade paperback non-fiction.
Jackson, Shirley. see [audio]
Jacques, Brian. The Long Patrol. $21.99.
Hardcover reprint 1997 British hardcover. Jacket art by Troy Howell; illustrations by Allan Curless.
Jacques, Brian. Redwall Map and Riddler. $7.99.
Booklet and map, reprint 1997 British edition. Map by Chris Baker; Allan Curless
Jacques, Brian. see also [audio]
Johnson, Jane. see 'Gabriel King'
Joyce, Graham. The Tooth Fairy. $22.95.
Hardcover reprint 1996 British hardcover horror novel.
Kaye, Marvin, editor. The Confidential Casebook of Sherlock Holmes. $23.95.
Hardcover original anthology with more Holmes pastiches by Gardner (Craig Shaw), Hoch, Hodgell (!!), Lewitt, Sheckley (Jay), Slesar and others. Jacket art by Jill Bauman.
Kelly, R. Gordon. Mystery Fiction and Modern Life. $18.00.
Trade paperback non-fiction.
Kendall, Carol and Yao-wen Li. Sweet and Sour: Tales from China. $7.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1978 British hardcover. Retellings for young adults. Illustrations by Shirley Felts
Kenyon, Kay. Leap Point. $5.99.
Paperback. Cover art by Bruce Jensen.
Kessel, John. Corrupting Dr. Nice. $14.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1997 hardcover.
Killick, Jane. see [Babylon 5]
[Johnson, Jane and M. John Harrison as] 'Gabriel King'. The Wild Road. $24.95.
Hardcover reprint 1997 British hardcover epic feline fantasy.
Lawhead, Stephen R. The Paradise War. $12.99.
Trade paperback reprint 1991 hardcover. Song of Albion 1. Cover art by Yvonne Gilbert.
Lawhead, Stephen R. The Silver Hand. $12.99.
Trade paperback reprint 1992 hardcover. Song of Albion 2. Cover art by Yvonne Gilbert.
Lawhead, Stephen R. The Endless Knot. $12.99.
Trade paperback reprint 1993 hardcover. Song of Albion 3. Cover art by Yvonne Gilbert.
Lee, Gentry. see Arthur C. Clarke
Leigh, Stephen. Dark Water's Embrace. $3.99.
Lindholm, Megan. see 'Robin Hobb'
Lisle, Holly. see [Bard's Tale]
[Lucas, George] Chris Claremont. Shadow Dawn. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1997 hardcover. Chronicles of the Shadow War 2: sequel to Shadow Moon ($5.99), set in the world of Willow. Wraparound cover art by Ciruelo Cabral.
[map] Professor Pathfinder. Professor Pathfinder's University of California Berkeley Campus & Environs. $4.95.
A second edition, much improved. Backside now includes street map of Berkeley. And they not only get the location of The Other Change of Hobbit correct in only one place (instead of two in the original edition), but we're the landmark in the middle of our block!
McCaffrey, Anne. see [audio]; [audio].
McDevitt, Jack. Eternity Road. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1997 hardcover. Cover art by Joe Danisi.
McGrath, Patrick. Asylum. $12.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1997 hardcover.
Meynard, Yves. The Book of Knights. $21.95.
Hardcover fantasy novel.
Mohan, Kim. see [Amazing Stories]
Moorcock, Michael. Michael Moorcock's Kane of Old Mars. $22.99.
Hardcover omnibus reprint City of the Beast (1968 as Warriors of Mars by 'Edward P. Bradbury'), Lord of the Spiders (1968 as Blades of Mars by 'Edward P. Bradbury') and Masters of the Pit (1968 as Barbarians of Mars by 'Edward P. Bradbury'). Eternal Champion 9. New introduction by Moorcock, in which he confesses that, unlike earlier volumes in the series, these pastiches are so perfect that he feels no need to tinker with their texts. Jacket art and illustrations by John Bolton.
Norton, O. Richard. Rocks from Space: Second Edition. $30.00.
Trade paperback revised and updated reprint 1994 non-fiction.
[Outer Limits] John Peel. The Invaders. $3.99.
Digest paperback. The Outer Limits 5.
Page, Jake. Apacheria. $5.99.
Paperback alternate (1884 the Apache Nation) historical novel.
Parkinson, Dan. The Whispers. $5.99.
Paperback. The Gates of Time 1: first in a new time travel series.
Park, Severna. Hand of Prophecy. $14.00.
Paterson, Katherine. Parsival: The Quest of the Grail Knight. $15.99.
Hardcover retelling of the Wolfram von Eschenbach epic poem. Jacket art by Curtis Woodbridge.
Pennac, Daniel. The Fairy Gunmother. $26.00.
Hardcover translation by Ian Monk of 1987 French hardcover mystery.
Perry, Anne. Ashworth Hall. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1997 hardcover. Charlotte and Thomas Pitt 17.
Pike, Christopher. The Last Vampire Collector's Edition Volume 1. $6.99.
Paperback omnibus reprint 1994, 1994 and 1995 paperbacks.
Pike, Christopher. The Living Dead. $3.99.
Digest paperback. Spooksville 21.
Pratchett, Terry. Interesting Times. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1994 British hardcover. Discworld 17.
Pyle, Howard. King Stork. $16.00.
Hardcover reprint 1973 picture book. Jacket art and color illustrations by Trina Schart Hyman.
Rangel, Kimberly. Homecoming. $5.50.
Paperback horror novel.
[Rankin/Bass] Rick Goldschmidt. The Enchanted World of Rankin/Bass: A Portfolio. $18.95.
Trade paperback non-fiction.
Rinehart, Mary Roberts. The Album. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1933 hardcover mystery novel.
Saberhagen, Fred. A Sharpness on the Neck. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover.
Salvatore, R. A. The Demon Awakens. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1997 hardcover. Cover art by Alan Pollock.
Sayers, Dorothy L. Have His Carcase. $4.99.
Paperback reprint 1932 hardcover.
Sheckley, Robert. Soma Blues. $13.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1997 hardcover. The third Alternative Detective Agency mystery novel. Cover art by Thomas Canty.
Sheffield, Charles. The Cyborg from Earth. $23.95.
Hardcover. A Jupiter novel. Jacket art by Vincent di Fate.
Shinn, Sharon. Jovah's Angel. $6.50.
Paperback reprint 1997 trade paperback. Cover art by John Jude Palencar.
Silver, Alain and James Ursini. The Vampire Film: From Nosferatu to Interview with the Vampire: Third Edition. $25.00.
Trade paperback updated and revised reprint 1975 hardcover non-fiction.
Smith, Sherwood. Court Duel. $18.00.
Hardcover. The Crown and Court Duet 2. Jacket art by Victor Lee.
Somtow, S. P. Darker Angels. $24.95.
Stackpole, Michael A. see [Battletech]; [Star Wars].
[Star Trek Deep Space Nine] Ted Pedersen. Trapped in Time. $3.99.
Digest paperback. Star Trek Deep Space Nine 12. Cover art by Alan Gutierrez; illustrations by Todd Cameron Hamilton.
[Star Wars] [Dark Horse] Michael A. Stackpole. Star Wars: X-Wing: Rogue Squadron: The Phantom Affair. $12.95.
Trade paperback graphic novel reprint four issues of the Dark Horse comic book. Script by Darko Macan; art by Edvin Biukovic, John Nadeau, and Gary Erskine.
[Star Wars] John Whitman. The Swarm. $4.50.
Digest paperback. Galaxy of Fear 8.
[Star Wars]. see also [audio]
Stover, Matthew Woodring. Iron Dawn. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1997 trade paperback. Wraparound cover art by Keith Birdsong.
Turtledove, Harry. Between the Rivers. $24.95.
Hardcover fantasy novel. Jacket art by Garry Ruddell.
Vachss, Andrew. Flood. $13.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1985 hardcover. The first Burke novel. New introduction by Vachss.
Vitola, Denise. Manjinn Moon. $5.99.
Paperback. Sequel to Quantum Moon ($5.99) and Opalite Moon ($5.99).
Waid, Mark. Kingdom Come. $14.95.
Trade paperback collects four volumes of 1996 graphic novel. Art by Alex Ross.
Wells, H. G. Thirty Strange Stories. $12.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1897 hardcover collection. New introduction by Stephen Jones.
Westlake, Donald E. with J. Madison Davis, editors. Murderous Schemes: An Anthology of Classic Detective Stories. $15.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover reprint anthology in association with The International Association of Crime Writers. Includes stories by Block, Brand, Brett, Brown, Carr, Chandler, Chesterton, Christie, Dahl, Dinesen, Doyle, Ellin, Hammett, Hines, Hoch, Jackson, Kaminsky, London, Lovesy, Poe, Queen, Runyon, Sayers, Stout and others.
[White Wolf Game Studio]. Hidden Agendas. $14.95.
Game module.
Williamson, J. N. Spree. $5.50.
Paperback reprint 1993 hardcover (as The Book of Webster's) horror novel.
Willard, Nancy. The Tortilla Cat. $16.00.
Hardcover picture book. Jacket art by and color illustrations by Jeanette Winter.
Wodehouse, P. G. Mike 1: Mike at Wrykyn. $9.95.
Trade paperback reprint half 1909 British hardcover comic novel.
Wodehouse, P. G. Mike 2: Mike and Psmith. $8.95.
Trade paperback reprint half 1909 British hardcover comic novel.
Woodman, Richard. A Brig of War. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1983 British hardcover. Nathaniel Drinkwater 3: naval historical (1798-99 Red Sea) novel.
[World of Darkness] David Niall Wilson. To Speak in Lifeless Tongues. $5.99.
Paperback. The World of Darkness: The Grails Covenant 2: sequel to To Sift Through Bitter Ashes ($5.99).
Yep, Laurence. The Cook's Family. $15.99.
Hardcover non-fantasy young adult novel. Sequel to Ribbons ($5.95).

New Books received March 1998

Audio and video received March 1998

[audio] Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Volume 1. $16.95.
Full-cast dramatisation. Approximately three hours on two cassettes.
[audio] [Sir Arthur Conan Doyle] BBC Radio. The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes Volume 1. $16.99.
Abridged reading by Douglas Wilmer. Approximately three hours on two cassettes.
[audio] Brian Jacques. The Long Patrol. $17.95.
Abridged reading by the author. Approximately three hours on two cassettes.
[audio] Shirley Jackson. The Lottery and 7 other stories. $17.95.
Unabridged readings by Carol Jordan Stewart. Three hours fourteen minutes on two cassettes.
[audio] Anne McCaffrey. The Masterharper of Pern. $17.95.
Abridged reading by Dick Hill. Approximately three hours on two cassettes.
[audio] Anne McCaffrey. The Masterharper of Pern [unabridged]. $28.95.
Unabridged reading by Dick Hill. Approximately thirteen hours on five cassettes.
[audio] [Star Wars] Aaron Allston. X-Wing 5: Wraith Squadron. $16.99.
Abridged reading by John Heald. Approximately three hours on two cassettes.

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