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New Books received April 1997

Ackerman, Forrest J, editor. Ackermanthology!. $12.95.
Trade paperback. Short short story anthology reprinting stories by Asimov, Bischoff, Bixby, Bok, Bradbury, Cummings, Gold, Kyle, Lowndes, Merritt, Moore & Ackerman, van Vogt, Wells, Wollheim and others. Cover art by Kelly Freas (credited to designer Kurt Wahlner). Foreword by John Landis.
Aiken, Joan. Cold Shoulder Road. $4.50.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 hardcover. A Wolves Chronicles novel. Cover art by Edward Gorey.
Aiken, Joan. Jane Fairfax. $11.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1990 British hardcover. The Secret Story of the Second Heroine in Jane Austen's Emma.
Aldrin, Buzz and John Barnes. Encounter with Tiber. $6.50.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Cover art by Bob Eggleton.
Anderson, Poul. All One Universe. $9.99.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover collection. Cover art by Vincent di Fate. Copyright claims this trade paperback is a mass-market paperback, an artifact of Tor's shifting market placement.
'Archer, Nathan'. see [Predator]
Attanasio, A. A. see 'Adam Lee'
[Babylon 5] Al Sarrantonio. Personal Agendas. $5.50.
Paperback. Babylon 5 8.
Ballard, J. G. A User's Guide to the Millennium. $14.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 British hardcover; first American trade paperback. Essays and Reviews.
Barnes, John. Washington's Dirigible. $5.99.
Paperback. Timeline Wars 2: sequel to Patton's Spaceship ($5.99). Cover art by Vincent DiFate.
Barnes, John. see also Buzz Aldrin
Barr, Nevada. Firestorm. $6.50.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. A fourth Anna Pigeon mystery novel.
Barr, Nevada. Endangered Species. $22.95.
Hardcover. A fifth Anna Pigeon mystery novel.
Barron, Frank, Alfonso Montuori and Anthea Barron, editors. Creators on Creating: Awakening and Cultivating the Imaginative Mind. $14.95.
Trade paperback collection of essays by Angelou, Bergman, Eno, Fellini, Feynman, Foucault, Kushner, Le Guin, Sendak, Stravinsky, Zappa and many others.
Baum, L. Frank. Scarecrow of Oz. $22.00.
Hardcover facsimile reprint 1915 hardcover. Oz 9. Jacket art and illustrations by John R. Neill.
[Baum, L. Frank] Ruth Plumly Thompson. Captain Salt in Oz. $15.50.
Trade paperback reprint 1936 hardcover. Oz 30. Cover art and illustrations by John R. Neill.
[Baum, L. Frank] Ruth Plumly Thompson. Handy Mandy in Oz. $15.50.
Trade paperback reprint 1937 hardcover. Oz 31. Cover art and illustrations by John R. Neill.
Bennett, Mark. TV Sets: Fantasy Blueprints of Classic TV Homes. $19.95.
Trade paperback. Blueprints over very familiar homes, including The Jetsons, The Addams Family, The Flintstone, The Munsters, Gilligan's Island and many others.
[Birthright] Dixie Lee McKeone. The Spider's Test. $5.99.
Paperback. Birthright 4.
Bogdanovich, Peter. Who the Devil Made It. $39.95.
Hardcover. Conversations with directors Aldrich, Cukor, Hawks, Hitchcock, Jones, Lang, Lumet, Preminger, Siegel, Sternberg, Walsh and others.
Burroughs, Edgar Rice. Tarzan and the Golden Lion/Tarzan and the Ant Men. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1923 and 1924 hardcovers. Tarzan 9/10. Cover art by Charles Keegan.
Cannon, Janell. Verdi. $16.00.
Hardcover picture book illustrated by the author.
Chandler, Raymond. The Little Sister. $15.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 limited edition hardcover.Graphic novel adaptation by Michael Lark. Cover art by Jim Steranko. A Byron Preiss Multimedia Company package.
[Charnas, Suzy McKee as] 'Rebecca Brand'. The Ruby Tear. $21.95.
Hardcover. A romantic vampire horror novel. Jacket art by Vladimir Nenov.
Clarke, Arthur C. and Mike McQuay. Richter 10. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover.
Cochran, Molly and Warren Murphy. The Broken Sword. $24.95.
Hardcover. Sequel to The Forever King ($5.99).
Coe, David B. Children of Amarid. $25.95.
Hardcover. The LonTobyn Chronicle 1. Wraparound jacket by Romas.
Cole, Allan. The Warrior Returns. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. A fourth Anteros fantasy novel, the first by Cole alone. Also available are the first three with Chris Bunch: The Far Kingdoms ($5.99), The Warrior's Tale ($5.99) and Kingdoms of the Night ($5.99).
Cooper, Susan. The Boggart and the Monster. $16.00.
Hardcover. Sequel to The Boggart ($3.95). Jacket art by Trina Schart Hyman.
Cox, Greg. see [Star Trek Voyager]
Crichton, Michael. The Lost World. $14.95.
Hardcover. Appears to be 1995 first trade edition with new (cheaper) dustjacket.
Crompton, Anne Eliot. Gawain and Lady Green. $20.95.
Hardcover. Sequel to Merlin's Harp ($5.99).
Crowther, Peter, editor. Tales in Time. $12.99.
Trade paperback anthology reprinting time travel stories by Aldiss, Bradbury, de Camp, de Lint, Ellison, Finney, Kilworth, Padgett, Robinson (Spider), Silverberg, Tiptree, Watson, Wells and others. Introduction by John Clute.
Dalkey, Kara. Bijapur. $22.95.
Hardcover. Blood of the Goddess 2: sequel to Goa ($21.95). Jacket art by Richard Bober.
[Darwin, Charles] Michael White and John Gribbin. Darwin: A Life in Science. $12.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 British hardcover biography.
David, Peter. see [Star Trek Deep Space Nine]
Delany, Samuel R. Longer Views: Extended Essays. $60.00.
Hardcover non-fiction.
Dibdin, Michael. Cosi Fan Tutti. $23.00.
Hardcover. An Aurelio Zen mystery novel.
Dietz, William C. see [Star Wars]
[Doctor Who] Gareth Roberts. The English Way of Death. $5.95.
British paperback. Doctor Who The Missing Adventures 20.
[Doctor Who] Justin Richards. The Sands of Time. $5.95.
British paperback. Doctor Who The Missing Adventures 22.
[Doctor Who] Christopher Bulis. State of Change. $5.95.
British paperback. Doctor Who The Missing Adventures 5.
Donawerth, Jane. Frankenstein's Daughters: Women Writing Science Fiction. $16.95.
Trade paperback critical studies.
Doyle, Debra and James D. Macdonald. Knight's Wyrd. $6.00.
Paperback reprint 1992 hardcover.
Duane, Diane. High Wizardry. $6.00.
Paperback reprint 1990 hardcover. Sequel to So You Want to be a Wizard ($6.00) and Deep Wizardry ($6.00).
Dumas, Alexandre (Pere). The Count of Monte Cristo. $12.95.
New unabridged translation by Robin Buss of 1845-45 French novel.
Dunnett, Dorothy. The Game of Kings. $14.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1961 hardcover; text "freshened" for this new edition. Lymond Chronicles 1.
Dunnett, Dorothy. Queen's Play. $14.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1964 British hardcover. Lymond Chronicles 2.
Dyson, George B. Darwin Among the Machines: The Evolution of Global Intelligence. $25.00.
Hardcover non-fiction.
Erickson, Steve. Days Between Stations. $12.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1985 hardcover.
Erickson, Steve. Rubicon Beach. $12.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1986 hardcover.
Evans, David. Time Station Paris. $5.99.
Paperback sequel to Time Station London ($5.99). A Bill Fawcett & Associates package.
[Fangoria] Anthony Timpone, editor. Fangoria Vampires. $5.50.
Paperback non-fiction anthology of articles from Fangoria.
Ferris, Timothy. The Whole Shebang: A State-of-the-Universe(s) Report. $25.00.
Hardcover non-fiction.
Feynman, Richard P. Six Not So Easy Pieces: Einstein's Relativity, Symmetry, and Space-Time. $25.00.
Hardcover non-fiction. Introduction by Roger Penrose.
[Feynman, Richard P.] Ralph Leighton. Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!: Adventures of a Curious Character. $13.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1985 hardcover 'autobiography'; second trade paperback edition.
Fleischman, Sid. The 13th Floor: A Ghost Story. $3.99.
Paperback reprint 1995 hardcover. Illustrations by Peter Sis.
Flynn, Michael. The Forest of Time and Other Stories. $23.95.
Hardcover. Jacket art by Bruce Jensen.
Forrest, Elizabeth. Bright Shadow. $6.99.
Foy, George. Contraband. $12.95.
Trade paperback cyberpunk novel.
Francis, Dick. Flying Finish. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1966 British hardcover mystery novel.
Fraser, George MacDonald. The Steel Bonnets: The Story of the Anglo-Scottish Border Reivers. $15.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1971 British hardcover history.
Friedman, Michael Jan. see [Star Trek Deep Space Nine]
Fuller, Kimberly. Home. $16.95.
Gardner, Martin. Relativity Simply Explained. $8.95.
Trade paperback revised reprint 1962 hardcover (then as Relativity for the Million) non-fiction. Illustrations by Anthony Ravielli.
Garland, Mark A. Sword of the Prophets. $5.99.
Paperback. Cover art by Darrell K. Sweet.
Garton, Ray. Shackled. $5.99.
Gates, R. Patrick. Jumpers. $5.99.
Paperback. A Dell horror novel.
Gear, W. Michael. The Morning River. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover historical (1825 Missouri wilderness) novel.
Golden, Christie. King's Man and Thief. $5.99.
Paperback historical fantasy novel. Cover art by Jeff Barson.
Golden, Christopher. see [X-Men]
Greenberg, Martin H. see Mike Resnick
Greenberger, Robert. see [Star Trek Deep Space Nine]
Grimson, Todd. Brand New Cherry Flavor. $20.00.
Groening, Matt. The Huge Book of Hell. $17.95.
Trade paperback. Some of the cartoons previously published in How to Go to Hell (1991) and The Road to Hell (1992). Includes the new Reader's Guide to Hell.
Hambly, Barbara. see [Star Wars]
Hamilton, Peter F. Mindstar Rising. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1993 British hardcover.
Hartwell, David G. and Milton T. Wolf, editors. Visions of Wonder. $35.00.
Hardcover edition of last month's trade paperback anthology.
Heller, Carol. The Gates of Vensunor. $5.99.
Paperback. The Shunlar Chronicles 1. Cover art by Donato.
Hess, Joan. The Maggody Militia. $21.95.
Hardcover. A tenth Arly Hanks mystery novel.
[Highlander] Nancy Holder. Measure of a Man. $5.99.
Paperback. Highlander 4.
Hillerman, Tony. The Great Taos Bank Robbery and Other Indian Country Affairs. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1973 trade paperback collection.
Hoeg, Peter. The History of Danish Dreams. $12.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 translation by Barbara Haveland from 1988 Danish magic realist novel.
Holder, Nancy. see [Highlander]
Holdstock, Robert. Ancient Echoes. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 British hardcover. Cover art by Ron Walotsky.
Huff, Tanya. Blood Debt. $5.99.
Paperback. Sequel to Blood Price ($5.99), Blood Trail ($5.99), Blood Lines ($4.99) and Blood Pact ($4.99).
Hutchings, Janet, editor. Murder Most British. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover anthology of stories by Barnard, Chesterton, Christie, Doyle, Freeman, Gilbert, Keating, Lovesey, Milne, Rendell, Sayers, Symons and others from Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine.
James, Cary. King & Raven. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1995 hardcover Arthurian. Cover art by Tristan Elwell.
Keith, William H., Jr. see [Keith Laumer]
Keller, Donald G. see Ellen Kushner
Kemelman, Harry. That Day the Rabbi Left Town. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. A twelfth Rabbi Small mystery book.
Kennett, Shirley. Gray Matter. $5.99.
Paperback. Horror novel.
Keyes, J. Gregory. The Blackgod. $24.00.
Hardcover. Chosen of the Changeling 2: sequel to The Waterborn ($5.99). Note that the series title has curiously changed from the first volume's Children of the Changeling. Wraparound jacket art by Tom Kidd.
King, Laurie R. With Child. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. A third Kate Marinelli mystery novel. following A Grave Talent () and
King, Stephen. The Shining. $7.50.
Paperback reprint 1977 hardcover; fifty-ninth printing, new tv-movie tie-in edition.
[Hight, Doreen Roberts as] 'Kate Kingsbury'. Ring for Tomb Service. $5.99.
Paperback. A ninth Pennyfoot Hotel historical (Edwardian England) mystery novel.
Knight, Damon. Creating Short Fiction. $13.95.
Trade paperback. Newly revised and expanded Third Edition of the 1985 Classic Guide to Writing Short Fiction.
[Kubrick, Stanley] Vincent LoBrutto. Stanley Kubrick: A Biography. $25.95.
Kushner, Ellen, Delia Sherman and Donald G. Keller, editors. The Horns of Elfland. $5.99.
Paperback original anthology with musical fantasy stories by Brunner, Kandel, Kaveny, Kushner, Palwick, Windling, Wolfe, Womack and others.
Lackey, Mercedes. The Free Bards. $15.00.
Trade paperback omnibus reprint collecting the three Bardic Voices novels: The Larkand the Wren ($5.99), The Robin and the Kestrel ($5.99) and The Eagle and the Nightingales ($5.99). Cover art by Darrell K. Sweet.
[Laumer, Keith] William H. Keith, Jr. Bolo Brigade. $5.99.
Paperback. A new novel set in Keith Laumer's universe. A Bill Fawcett & Associates package.
[A. A. Attanasio as] 'Adam Lee'. The Dark Shore. $24.00.
Almost simultaneous hardcover of last month's trade paperback. The Dominions of Irth 1.
Leiber, Fritz. Return to Lankhmar. $21.99.
Hardcover. Omnibus reprint. The Adventures of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser 3: collecting The Swords of Lankhmar (1968) and Swords and Ice Magic (1977). Cover art and illustrations by Mike Mignola.
"The best sword and sorcery stories ever written. Period. Includes the only novel, The Swords of Lankhmar, in the series. If you don't have the Gregg Press hardcover set which photoreprinted the original Ace paperbacks, these three newly reset White Wolf volumes are a must-have bargain, with the fine Mignola decorations the tasty icing on a fine cake. Highest recommendation."--Dave
Leighton, Ralph. see [Richard P. Feynman]
Lem, Stanislaw. Highcastle: A Remebrance. $11.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 hardcover (actually rebound hardcover pages) translation by Michael Kandel of 1975 Polish autobiography.
Leon, Vicki. Uppity Women of Medieval Times. $14.95.
Trade paperback. Biographical catalogue, companion to Uppity Women ($12.95). Cover art by Edmund Dulac.
Lewitt, Shariann. Interface Masque. $23.95.
Lewitt, Shariann. Memento Mori. $14.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 hardcover.
Lisle, Holly and Ted Nolan. Hell on High. $5.99.
Paperback. Devil's Point 3: following Sympathy for the Devil ($5.99) and The Devil & Dan Cooley (with Walter Spence; $5.99). Cover art by Clyde Caldwell.
Lister, Robin. The Story of King Arthur. $13.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1988 British hardcover picture book, cover art and color illustrations by Alan Baker.
Manson, Cynthia, editor. Law and Order. $5.99.
Paperback anthology reprinting stories by Block, Christie, Gardner, Gilbert, MacDonald, Treat, Westlake and others from Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine and Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine.
Mayle, Peter. Anything Considered. $12.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover thriller.
McCaffrey, Anne and Jody Lynn Nye. The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern. $15.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1989 hardcover. Second edition, with new material. Illustrations by Todd Cameron Hamilton.
McHugh, Maureen F. China Mountain Zhang. $13.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1992 hardcover. Gorgeous new reworking of original cover art.
Recommended with minor reservations by Dave.
McKeone, Dixie Lee. see [Birthright]
McKillip, Patricia A. Winter Rose. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Cover art by Kinuko Y. Craft. 1996 Nebula nominee for Best Novel.
"Ever had the feeling that something was just a bit off, but you ignored it because nobody else seemed to notice? Winter Rose starts with an ordinary farm scene. Rois, the daughter of a landholder, describes the advent of a new man in town, Corbett. His past is full of questions, rumors of a curse, but he seems ordinary. He's even friendly and helpful. We would expect the rest of the story to be about figuring him out, and it is, but it's about a lot more, too.
"Winter Rose is the Fantasy genre at it's best. This is not a simple tale of swords and sorcery, with a clearly defined good guy and bad guy. Nor is it a soppy love-tale about how the simple farm girl catches her guy by saving him (although it has elements of that in it). The plot of Winter Rose is a metaphor for several psychologically deep and emotionally charged phenomena.
"This is a must-read for McKillip fans and for anyone who's been wanting more out of their fantasy."--Eric
McQuay, Mike. see Arthur C. Clarke
Moorcock, Michael. A Nomad of the Time Streams. $14.99.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 hardcover omnibus. Eternal Champion 4: reprints the novels The Warlord of the Air (1971), The Land Leviathan (1974) and The Steel Tsar (1981) all slightly revised, new introduction by Moorcock. Cover art by Chris Moeller.
Nesbit, E. The Wouldbegoods. $3.99.
Paperback reprint 1901 British hardcover. The Bastables book that falls between The Story of the Treasure Seekers ($3.99) and The New Treasure Seekers ($3.99).
Classic children's fantasy unreservedly recommended by Dave and Debbie.
[Nimoy, Leonard] Steve Perry. Target Earth. $22.00.
Hardcover. Leonard Nimoy's Primortals [1?]: based on BIG Entertainment concepts and stories.
Niven, Larry. The Ringworld Throne. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Sequel to Ringworld ($5.99) and Ringworld Engineers ($5.99).
Nolan, Ted see Holly Lisle
Norton, Andre and Sherwood Smith. Derelict for Trade. $22.95.
Hardcover. A Solar Queen Adventure. Jacket art by Nicholas Jainschigg.
Norton, Mary. Are All the Giants Dead?. $7.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1975 British hardcover. Cover art and illustrations by Brian Froud.
Nye, Jody Lynn. see also Anne McCaffrey
Ore, Rebecca. Gaia's Toy. $9.99.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 hardcover.
[Outer Limits] Debbie Notkin, editor. The Outer Limits Volume Three. $12.00.
Trade paperback. Anthology with original adaptations of tv episodes by Duane, Lupoff and Reeves; one reprint by Binder. Foreword by Schow.
Paretsky, Sara. Tunnel Vision. $5.99.
Remaindered 1994 hardcover V. I. Warshawski mystery novel.
Parker, Robert B. Small Vices. $21.95.
Hardcover. A new Spenser mystery novel.
Penrose, Roger, with Abner Shimony, Nancy Cartwright and Stephen Hawking. The Large, the Small and the Human Mind. $19.95.
Based on the 1995 Tanner Lectures on Human Values, Cambridge University. Edited by Malcolm Longair.
Perry, Anne. The Sins of the Wolf. $6.99.
Remaindered 1994 hardcover. The fifth Inspector Monk historical mystery novel.
Perry, Anne. Traitors Gate. $6.99.
Remaindered 1995 hardcover. The fifteenth Charlotte and Thomas Pitt mystery novel.
Perry, S. D. see [Xena]
Perry, Steve. The Digital Effect. $5.99.
Perry, Steve. see also [Leonard Nimoy]
Pinkney, Brian. The Adventures of Sparrowboy. $16.00.
Hardcover. Kind of a graphic novel picture book, illustrated by the author.
Pollack, Rachel. The Body of the Goddess: Sacred Wisdom in Myth, Landscape and Culture. $16.95.
Trade paperback non-fiction.
Pollotta, Nicholas. see [Shadowrun]
[Predator] [Lawrence Watt-Evans as] 'Nathan Archer'. Cold War. $4.99.
Paperback. Predator 2: based on Dark Horse graphic novel by Mark Verheiden. Cover art by John Bo[l]ton.
Pullman, Philip. The Golden Compass. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1995 British hardcover (then as His Dark Materials 1: Northern Lights). Cover claims an introduction by Terry Brooks, which is not apparent inside,
Reeves-Stevens, Judith and Garfield. see [Star Trek]; [audio]
Resnick, Mike and Martin H. Greenberg, editors. Return of the Dinosaurs. $5.99.
Paperback original anthology with stories by Friesner, Gerrold, Haber, Marston, McHugh, Rawn, Rusch, Sawyer, Shwartz, Sherman (Jospeha), Wolfe and others.
Roessner, Michaela. The Stars Dispose. $23.95.
Hardcover. Jacket art by Richard Bober.
Rucker, Rudy. Software. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1982 paperback; third paperback edition. Cover art by Raquel Jaramillo.
Rucker, Rudy. Wetware. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1988 paperback; second paperback edition. Cover art by Raquel Jaramillo.
Rucker, Rudy. Freeware. $13.00.
Trade paperback. Sequel to Software and Wetware (see above). Cover art by Raquel Jaramillo.
Sarrantonio, Al. see [Babylon 5]
Saul, John. In the Shadow of Evil: The Handkerchief. $2.99.
Paperback. The Blackstone Chronicles 4.
Saylor, Steven. A Murder on the Appian Way. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover historical (52 B.C. Rome) mystery. Roma Sub Rosa 5.
"The best of the series to date, this dealing with Milo's alleged murder of Clodius on the Appian Way. Great gobs of details of historical life, spoonfed in the best Asimovian way. Highly recommended."--Dave
Shaara, Michael. see [audio]
[Shadowrun] Nicholas Pollotta. Shadowboxer. $5.99.
Paperback. Shadowrun [25].
Shatner, William. see [Star Trek]; [audio]
Sheckley, Robert. Soma Blues. $20.95.
Hardcover. A third Hob Draconian mystery novel. Jacket art by Thomas Canty.
Sheffield, Charles. The Billion Dollar Boy. $22.95.
Hardcover. A Jupiter Novel. Jacket art by Vincent di Fate.
Sherman, Delia. see Ellen Kushner
Shinn, Sharon. Jovah's Angel. $13.95.
Trade paperback. Cover art by John Jude Palencar.
Smith, Sherwood. see Andre Norton
Spillane, Mickey and Max Allan Collins [and Martin H. Greenberg], editors. Vengeance is Hers. $5.99.
Paperback original anthology of hard-boiled mystery stories by women, with contributions from Hess, Jance, Maron, McCrumb, Pickard and others.
Stackpole, Michael A. A Hero Born. $5.99.
Paperback. Realms of Chaos 1. Cover art by Paul Youll.
Stackpole, Michael A. Talion: Revenant. $5.99.
Paperback. Wraparound cover art by Mark Harrison.
[Stapledon, Olaf] Robert Crossley, editor. An Olaf Stapledon Reader. $17.95.
Trade paperback. Collection of fiction, poetry and essays.
[Star Trek] William Shatner with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. Avenger. $23.00.
Hardcover. Sequel to The Return ($5.99).
[Star Trek]. see also [audio]
[Star Trek] Herbert F. Solow and Yvonne Fern Solow. Star Trek Sketchbook: The Original Series. $20.00.
Hardcover. Art book with profiles and examples of the work of four artists who helped create the Star Trek 'look':Walter 'Matt' Jeffries, Jr. (production designer/art director), William Ware Theiss (costume designer), Frederick Beauregard Phillips (makeup artist) and Wah Min Chang (artist and model maker).
[Star Trek] [Starlog] David McDonnell, editor. Starlog: Star Trek's Greatest Guest Stars. $5.50.
Paperback non-fiction anthology of interviews from Starlog.
[Star Trek Deep Space Nine] Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman and Robert Greenberger. Wrath of the Prophets. $5.99.
Paperback. Star Trek Deep Space Nine 20.
[Star Trek Voyager] Greg Cox. The Black Shore. $5.99.
Paperback. Star Trek Voyager 13.
[Star Wars] William C. Dietz. Soldier for the Empire. $24.95.
Hardcover. Star Wars: Dark Forces [1]. Jacket art and color full page illustrations by Dean Williams.
[Star Wars] Barbara Hambly. Star Wars: Planet of Twilight. $22.95.
Hardcover. Jacket art by Drew Struzan.
Starhawk. Walking to Mercury. $23.95.
Hardcover. A prequel to The Fifth Sacred Thing ($13.95).
Stasheff, Christopher. A Wizard in Peace. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Rogue Wizard 4: sequel to A Wizard in Mind ($4.99), A Wizard in Bedlam ($4.99) and A Wizard in War ($5.99).
Stith, John E. Reckoning Infinity. $23.95.
Hardcover. Jacket art by Vladimir Nenov.
Stover, Matthew Woodring. Iron Dawn. $12.95.
Trade paperback. Historical (post-Trojan War) fantasy. Wraparound cover Keith Birdsong.
Swanwick, Michael. Vacuum Flowers. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1987 hardcover; second paperback printing. Cover art by Ron Miller.
Tepper, Sheri S. The Family Tree. $23.00.
Thompson, Ruth Plumly. see [L. Frank Baum]
Tomlinson, Theresa. The Forestwife. $3.99.
Reprint 1993 hardcover young adult Maid Marian novel. Cover art by Dennis Nolan.
[VideoHound] J. Gordon Melton, compiler. VideoHound's Vampires on Video. $17.95.
Trade paperback. Alphabetical list, alternate titles index, cast, director and category indices.
Walker, Sage. Whiteout. $13.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Cover art by Bruce Jensen.
[Warriors of Virtue] Robert Tine. Warriors of Virtue. $5.99.
Paperback. Novelization based on screenplay by Michael Vickerman and Hugh Kelley.
Watt-Evans, Lawrence. see [Predator]
Weber, David and Steve White. In Death Ground. $6.99.
Paperback. Sequel to Insurrection ($5.99) and Crusade ($4.99). Cover art by David Mattingly.
Wells, H. G. see [audio]
White, James. The Galactic Gourmet. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. A Sector General novel. Cover art by John Berkey.
White, Steve. see David Weber
Whyte, Jack. The Singing Sword. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. The Camulod Chronicles 2: sequel to The Skystone ($6.99).
Willard, Nancy. The Magic Cornfield. $16.00.
Hardcover picture postcard book, illustrated by the author.
Wilson, F. P. Deep as the Marrow. $24.95.
Hardcover. A medical thriller.
Wilson, Robin. Paragons: Twelve Master Science Fiction Writers Ply Their Craft. $14.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover original anthology, with stories and essays by Bear, Cadigan, Fowler, Haldeman, Kelly, Kessel, Kress, Murphy, Robinson (Kim Stanley), Shepard, Sterling and Waldrop.
Winter, Douglas E., editor. Revelations. $24.00.
Hardcover braided horror novel with contributions from Barker, Brite & Faust, Campbell (Ramsey), Lansdale, Massie, Matheson (Richard Christian), Morrell, Schow & Spector, Strieber and Wilson (F. Paul).
Wolf, Milton T. see David G. Hartwell
[X-Files] Hal Schuster. Unauthorized Guide to The X-Files. $16.00.
Yet another . . .
[X-Files] [Gillian Anderson] Marc Shapiro. The Anderson Files: The Unauthorized Biography of Gillian Anderson. $5.99.
Paperback non-fiction.
[X-Men] Christopher Golden. Salvation. $5.99.
Paperback. Mutant Empire 3: following Siege ($5.99) and Sanctuary ($5.99). Cover art by Ray Logo; illustrations by Rick Leonardi and Terry Austin. A Byron Preiss Multimedia Co package.
[Xena] [S. D. Perry as] 'Stella Howard'. Prophecy of Darkness. $5.99.
Paperback. Xena Warrior Princess 4. Advance publicity from the publisher attributed this volume's new series author (taking over from Ru Emerson) as by S. D. Perry (whom we believe to be Stephanie Perry); perhaps she'd decided to use a pen-name.
Yolen, Jane. A Sending of Dragons. $6.00.
Paperback reprint 1987 hardcover; second paperback edition. Pit Dragon 3: sequel to Dragon's Blood ($6.00) and Heart's Blood ($6.00). Cover art by Dennis Nolan.
Yolen, Jane. Sleeping Ugly. $5.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1981 hardcover picture book. Illustrations by Diane Stanley.
Yolen, Jane. Welcome to the Green House. $5.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1993 hardcover picture book. Cover art and illustrations by Laura Regan.

Audio/Video received April 1997

[audio] Michael Shaara. The Killer Angels. $24.95.
Abridged reading by George Hearn. Approximately six hours on four cassettes.
[audio] [Star Trek] William Shatner [with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens]. Star Trek: Avenger. $18.00.
Abridged reading by Shatner. Approximately three hours on two cassettes.
[audio] H. G. Wells. The Time Machine. $18.00.
Script by Nat Segaloff. Dramatic reading by de Lancie, Nimoy, Shimerman and other Star Trek actors. Approximately two hours on two cassettes.
[cd] H. G. Wells. The Time Machine. $20.00.
As above, on two CDs.

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