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New Books received August 1996

Adams, Scott. see [calendar]
Anderson, Kevin J. see also [Star Wars]
Bakker, Robert T. Raptor Red. $6.50.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. Holographic cover art by Steve Youll.
Barnes, John. Kaleidoscope Century. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. Cover art by Bob Eggleton.
"Can get pretty gruesome at times, but the time travel paradoxes are entertaining enough."--Debbie
[Battletech] Robert N. Charrette. Heir to the Dragon. $5.99.
Battletech 28. Reprint 1989 paperback; second publisher. Cover art by Bruce Jensen.
Benford, Gregory. see Mark O. Martin
[Beowulf] Michael Alexander, translator. Beowulf and Grendel. $.95.
Reprint selections from 1973 verse translation. A Penguin 60s Classic.
Berliner, Janet and George Guthridge. Child of the Journey. $5.99.
The Madagascar Manifesto 2: substantially revised reprint middle of Child of the Light (1992), sequel to the revised Child of the Light ($5.99).
Bierce, Ambrose. An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge and Other Stories. $.95.
A collection of six of his classic supernatural tales. A Penguin 60s Classic.
Bogart, Stephen Humphrey. Play it Again. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover mystery.
Boot, Andy. Fragments of Fear: An Illustrated History of British Horror Films. $17.95.
Bradley, Marion Zimmer and Holly Lisle. Glenraven. $23.00.
Cover art by Clyde Caldwell.
Brite, Poppy Z. Exquisite Corpse. $21.00.
Bunch, Chris. Hunt the Heavens. $5.99.
Shadow Warrior 2: sequel to The Wind After Time ($5.99). Cover art by Nicholas Jainschigg.
'Bury, Stephen'. see Neal Stephenson
Cao Xueqin. The Dream of the Red Chamber. $.95.
Reprint selection from The Story of the Stone 1, translated by David Hawkes. A Penguin 60s Classic.
Card, Orson Scott. Alvin Journeyman. $6.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. The Tales of Alvin Maker 4.
Card, Orson Scott. Xenocide. $13.95.
Reprint 1991 hardcover; 1st trade paperback edition. Cover now proclaims this the third of The Ender Quartet.
"Not as good as the first two, but fascinating nonetheless. Chinese culture and obsessive-compulsive disorder are the best hooks."--Debbie
Carver, Jeffrey A. The Infinite Sea. $23.95.
The Chaos Chronicles 3: sequel to Neptune Crossing and Strange Attractors ($5.99 each).
[Carvic, Heron] [Sarah J. Mason as] 'Hamilton Crane'. Sold to Miss Seeton. $5.99.
A nineteenth Miss Seeton mystery novel.
Cat, Ivan with Darren Sarvari. The Eyes of Light and Darkness. $5.99.
Lesser voices might wonder if Creatures of the Cat . . .
[Chandler, Raymond] Al Clark. Raymond Chandler in Hollywood. $19.95.
Revised reprint 1982 non-fiction.
Charrette, Robert N. Eye of the Serpent. $5.50.
Chronicle of Aelwyn 2: sequel to Timespell ($4.99).
Charrette, Robert N. see also [Battletech]
Cherryh, C. J. Rider at the Gate. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. Cover art by Mike Possen.
Collins, Max Allan. Blood and Thunder. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover historical (1935 Louisiana) mystery, Nathan Heller tackles the Huey 'Kingish' Long murder.
Collins, Nancy A. see [Byron Preiss]
Cooke, John Peyton. Haven: A Novel of Anxiety. $22.95.
Crossley-Holland, Kevin. see Gwyn Thomas
[Cu Chulaind]. Tales of Cu Chulaind: Irish Heroic Myths. $.95.
Reprints selected from Early Irish Myths and Sagas, translated by Jeffrey Gantz (1981). A Penguin 60s Classic.
Dalkey, Kara. Goa. $21.95.
Blood of the Goddess 1: Jacket art by Richard Bober.
Darwin, Charles. The Galapagos Islands. $.95.
Reprint selection from Voyage of the Beagle. A Penguin 60s Classic.
Deitz, Tom. The Demons in the Green. $5.99.
Cover art by Daniel Horne.
De Quincey, Thomas. The Pleasures and Pains of Opium. $.95.
Reprint selections from Confessions of an English Opium Eater (1821). A Penguin 60s Classic.
Devereaux, Robert. Walking Wounded. $5.50.
Dozois, Gardner, editor. Killing Me Softly. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 trade paperback. Anthology with stories by Bishop, Cadigan, Collins (Nancy A.), Godwin, Kress, Le Guin, Lee (Tanith), McHugh, Resnick & DiChario, Rosenblum, Rusch, Sampson, Shepard, Silverberg, and Swanwick.
[Dragonlance]. see [audio]
'Elliott, Kate'. see Melanie Rawn
Ellison, Harlan. The City on the Edge of Forever. $11.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover; newly expanded introduction by Harlan laying exuberant waste to the Roddenberry legend..
Evans, David. Time Station London. $5.99.
First of a new Time Station Series, packaged by Bill Fawcett & Associates.
Flewelling, Lynn. Luck in the Shadows. $5.99.
Nightrunner 1. Cover art by Gary Ruddell.
[Forgotten Realms] Ed Greenwood and Jeff Grubb. Cormyr: A Novel. $23.99.
Wraparound dragon jacket art by Ciruelo Cabral.
[Forgotten Realms] R. A. Salvatore. Passage to Dawn. $23.99.
Follows The Legacy ($5.95), Starless Night and Siege of Darkness ($5.99 each).
Forrest, Katherine V. Liberty Square. $21.95.
A Kate Delafield mystery novel.
Francis, Dick. Odds Against. $5.99.
Reprint 1965 hardcover. The first Sid Halley mystery novel.
"Warning! Danger! You are entering the addiction zone."--Debbie
Frazetta, Frank. see [calendar]
Frost, Mark. The 6 Messiahs. $6.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. Sequel to The List of 7 ($5.99).
Gallison, Kate. Unholy Angels. $5.50.
A third Mother Lavinia Grey mystery.
Garcia y Robertson, R. The Virgin and the Dinosaur. $5.99.
Novel based on stories from IASFM.
Gardner, Martin. The Night is Large: Collected Essays, 1938-1995. $29.95.
Gemmell, David. Last Sword of Power. $5.99.
Reprint 1988 British hardcover. The Stones of Power 2: sequel to Ghost King ($5.99).
Giger, H. R. see [calendar]
[Gilgamesh]. Gilgamesh and Enkidu. $.95.
Reprint selection from The Epic of Gilgamesh, translated by N. K. Sandars. A Penguin 60s Classic.
Gilliam, Richard. see [Michael Moorcock]
Gilman, Laura Anne and Keith R. A. DeCandido, editors. Otherwhere: Stories of Transformation. $5.99.
Original anthology with werewolf stories by Castro, David, Ecklar, Friesner, Gardner, Hoffman, Lewitt, Nye, Salvatore, Sherman (Josepha) and others.
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins. The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Stories. $.95.
Reprints five stories. A Penguin 60s Classic.
Gorman, Ed. Cage of Night. $5.99.
Gorman, Ed. see also Martin H. Greenberg
Green, Roland. see Jerry Pournelle
Grafton, Sue. 'L' is for Lawless. $6.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. A twelfth Kinsey Millhone mystery novel.
Greenberg, Martin H. [and Ed Gorman], editor[s]. White House Horrors. $5.99.
Original anthology with stories by Chizmar, Collins (Barbara & Max Allan), Crowther, Hodge, Masterton, Randisi, Williamson (J. N.) and others. Curiously, only Greenberg is credited on the cover and title page. Gorman gets the copyright for the Introduction, but it carries the byline 'The Editors'.
Greenwood, Ed. see [Forgotten Realms]
Gribbin, John. Schrodinger's Kittens and the Search for Reality. $12.95.
Reprint 1995 hardcover non-fiction.
Gribbin, John and Mary. Fire on Earth: Doomsday, Dinosaurs, and Humankind. $23.95.
Griffith, Nicola. Slow River. $11.00.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. Co-winner 1996 Lambda Literary Award Best Lesbian/Gay Men's Science Fiction & Fantasy.
Groell, Anne Lesley. Anvil of the Sun. $5.99.
The Cloak and Dagger 1.
Groening, Matt. see [calendar]
Grubb, Jeff. see [Forgotten Realms]
Grundy, Stephan. Attila's Treasure. $13.95.
Takes place between chapters 3 and 7 of the middle book of Rhinegold ($6.99).
Gullick, Michael. Calligraphy: The Treasury of Decorative Art. $9.95.
Art book, full page color examples of the art of Euro-American calligraphy from 572 to 1988.
Gunn, James. see [Star Trek]
Guthridge, George. see Janet Berliner
Hafner, Katie and Matthew Lyon. Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins of the Internet. $24.00.
Hammond, Stefan and Mike Wilkins. Sex and Zen & A Bullet in the Head: The Essential Guide to Hong Kong's Mind-Bending Films. $12.00.
Heinlein, Robert A. Moon is a Harsh Mistress. $23.95.
Reprint 1966 hardcover; second hardcover edition. Jacket art by Bob Eggleton.
"My third favorite Heinlein novel, setting the template for all self-aware computers to come. With the shift of publishers, now out-of-print in paperback. This appears to be the previous book text, and not the longer magazine version. Highly recommended."--Dave
"One of the true (and deserved) classics of the SF field. 'Nuff said."--Debbie
Hershey, Jennifer, Tom Dupree and Janna Silverstein, editors. Full Spectrum 5. $6.50.
Reprint 1995 hardcover original anthology with stories by Bishop, Fowler, Lethem, Mason, McKillip, Park, Rodgers, Stephenson, Watt-Evans, Wolfe and others.
Hickman, Tracy. see [audio]
[Highlander] Jennifer Roberson. Scotland the Brave. $5.99.
Highlander 3.
Holland, Cecelia. The Bear Flag: A Novel of California. $15.00.
Reprint 1990 hardcover; first trade paperback edition.
"A fascinating historical exploration of the Gold Rush, replete with the background of many of California's most familiar names. Recommended."--Debbie
Homer. The Voyages of Odysseus. $.95.
Reprints selections from The Odyssey, translated by E. V. Rieu, revised by D. C. H. Rieu (1991). A Penguin 60s Classic.
Howe, Deborah and James. Bunnicula. $3.99.
Reprint 1979 hardcover; second trade paperback, first with Deborah given credit as co-author. Illustrations by Alan Daniel.
"Absolutely not to be missed under any circumstances by any age group."--Debbie
Jac, Cheryln. Timeswept Love. $4.99.
A time-travel romance.
Jeter, K. W. Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. Sequel to the movie vaguely based on Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Cover art by Stephen Youll.
Jones, Richard Glyn, editor. Cybersex. $10.95.
Reprint 1996 British anthology with stories by Amis (Martin), Constantine, Egan, Ellison, Gerrold, Haldeman, Koja, Kress & Duntemann, McHugh, Murphy, Noon, Pohl, Rucker, Self, Tiptree, Tuttle, Vonnegut, Watson, Wolfe, Zebrowski and others. Foreword by Will Self.
Keyes, J. Gregory. The Waterborn. $22.00.
Children of the Changeling 1. Jacket art by Tom Kidd; illustrations by David A. Cherry; color endpaper map by Kirk Caldwell.
[Kilpatrick, Nancy as] 'Amarantha Knight', editor. Sex Macabre. $6.95.
Anthology of erotic horror stories, reprints works by Brite, Etchemendy, Holder & Tem, Kilpatrick and others.
King, Stephen. Night Journey. $2.99.
The Green Mile 5. Illustration by Mark Geyer.
Knight, Damon. Humpty Dumpty: An Oval. $22.95.
Kramer, Edward E. see [Michael Moorcock]
Lansdale, Joe R. The Two-Bear Mambo. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover suspense novel.
La Plante, Richard. Tegné: Soul Warrior. $6.99.
Reprint 1988 British martial-arts fantasy novel.
Lawhead, Stephen R. Byzantium. $24.00.
Historical (10th Century guess where) novel.
Ledoux, Trish and Doug Ranney [Fred Patten, editor]. The Complete Guide to Anime: Japanese Animation Video Directory & Resource Guide. $19.95.
Lethem, Jonathan. Amnesia Moon. $12.95.
Reprint 1995 hardcover.
"Which way is up? Lethem doesn't want you to know, but you'll enjoy finding out nonetheless."--Debbie
Lisle, Holly. see Marion Zimmer Bradley
MacLeod, Charlotte. Exit the Milkman. $21.95.
A tenth Peter Shandy mystery novel.
MacLeod, Charlotte. Odd Job. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover Sarah Kelling and Max Bittersohn mystery novel.
Malory, Sir Thomas. The Death of King Arthur. $.95.
Reprint selection from Le Morte d'Arthur, edited by Janet Cowen. A Penguin 60s Classic.
Maltin, Leonard. Leonard Maltin's 1997 Movie & Video Guide. $7.99.
Even thicker than before.
'Manning, Reed'. see Dave Smeds
[map] Dave Monks. The San Francisco Movie Map. $6.95.
Marrero, Robert. Godzilla: King of the Movie Monsters. $15.95.
An Illustrated Guide to Japanese Monster Movies.
Marston, Edward. The Roaring Boy. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. A seventh Nicholas Bracewell historical (Elizabethan England) mystery novel..
Martin, George R. R. A Game of Thrones. $21.95.
Book One of A Song of Ice and Fire.
Martin, Mark O. and Gregory Benford. A Darker Geometry. $5.99.
The first two-thirds reprint 'A Darker Geometry' from Man-Kzin Wars VII ($5.99), the final third, 'Tortured Topologies', is original to this volume.
[Marvel Comics] Danny Fingeroth and Eric Fein. Rampage. $5.99.
Doom's Day 1: first of three team-up novels pitting Marvel Superheroes against the inevitable Latverian Monarch, this featuring Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk. Illustrated by Steven Butler. A Byron Preiss Multimedia production.
Mason, Sarah J. see [Heron Carvic]
McCarthy, Wil. The Fall of Sirius. $5.50.
Set in the same universe as Aggressor Six ($4.99).
McCarthy, Wil. Murder in the Solid State. $22.95.
Jacket by Bob Eggleton. Signed copies available.
"Very strong hard science fiction murder mystery. Recommended."--Dave
McCay, Bill. see [Stargate]
Michaels, Barbara. Shattered Silk. $5.99.
Reprint 1986 hardcover gothic; second paperback edition.
Michaels, Barbara. Stitches in Time. $6.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover gothic.
McKillip, Patricia A. The Book of Atrix Wolfe. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. Wraparound cover art by Kinuko Y. Craft.
Moesta, Rebecca. see also [Star Wars]
Moon, Elizabeth. The Legacy of Gird. $15.00.
Omnibus reprint Surrender None (1990) and Liar's Oath (1992). Cover art is a computer-generated composite from the original covers by Larry Elmore and Gary Ruddell, copyright by Elrudmat -- obviously El[more]Rud[dell], but who's the final compositor Mat?
Moorcock, Michael. Blood: A Southern Fantasy. $12.00.
Reprint 1995 hardcover.
Moorcock, Michael. The Roads Between the Worlds. $21.99.
Eternal Champion 6: omnibus collection, reprinting with minor revisions the novels The Wrecks of Time (1967), The Winds of Limbo (1965, as The Fireclown), The Shores of Death (1966, as The Twilight Man). Jacket art by Brom.
[Moorcock, Michael] Edward E. Kramer and Richard Gilliam, editors. Michael Moorcock's Elric: Tales of the White Wolf. $5.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover anthology, original Elric stories by Ciencin, Collins (Nancy A.), Crowther, Gaiman, Greenland, Gygax, Holder, Linaweaver, Moorcock, Nye, Strickland, Wagner (Karl Edward), Weinberg, Williams (Tad) and others. The table of contents now no longer lists ending pages of the stories! Cover art by Brom.
Morrow, James. Blameless in Abaddon. $24.00.
Sequel to Towing Jehovah ($12.00).
Nava, Michael. Goldenboy. $9.95.
Possibly revised [new copyright] reprint 1988 trade paperback. The second Henry Rios mystery novel.
Nesbit, E. The Story of the Amulet. $3.99.
Reprint 1906 British hardcover. Illustrations by H. R. Millar.
Recommended by Debbie, Dave and Tom.
Nielsen Hayden, Patrick, editor. Starlight 1. $13.95.
Original anthology with stories by Feeley, Ford, Kreighbaum, McHugh, Palwick, Reed, Scholz, Soukup, Swanwick, Yolen and others.
"The Ford and Swanwick stories are both must-reads, and the rest are probably just as good."--Debbie
Niles, Douglas. Darkenheight. $13.95.
Watershed 2: sequel to Breach in the Watershed ($5.99). Cover art by Ciruelo Cabral.
Oates, Joyce Carol. Zombie. $10.95.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. Winner 1996 Bram Stoker Award.
Ovid. Orpheus in the Underworld. $.95.
Reprint selection from Metamorphoses, translated by Mary M. Innes (1955). A Penguin 60s Classic.
Palsson, Hermann and Paul Edwards, translators. Two Viking Romances. $.95.
Reprints 'Bosi and Herraud' and 'Egil and Asmund' from Seven Viking Romances (1985). A Penguin 60s Classic.
Patten, Fred. see Trish Ledoux
Paul, Jim. Medieval in LA. $21.00.
Pickover, Clifford A., editor. Fractal Horizons: The Future Use of Fractals. $29.95.
Pike, Christopher. Creatures of Forever. $3.99.
The Last Vampire 6.
Pike, Christopher. The Hidden Beast. $3.99.
Spooksville 12.
Poe, Edgar Allan. The Murders in the Rue Morgue. $.95.
Reprint 1841 novelette. A Penguin 60s Classic. Cover art by Harry Clarke.
Pournelle, Jerry and Roland Green. Tran. $6.99.
Omnibus reprint Janissaries 2: Clan & Crown (1982) and Janissaries 3: Storms of Victory (1987).
[Preiss, Byron and] Nancy A. Collins, editor[s]. Gahan Wilson's The Ultimate Haunted House. $15.00.
Original anthology based illustrations by Wilson by Klein, Koja, Taylor (Lucy) and others.
Radford, Irene. The Loneliest Magician. $5.99.
The Dragon Nimbus 3: sequel to The Glass Dragon ($5.99) and The Perfect Princess ($5.50). Cover art by John Howe.
Ransom, Bill. Burn. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover.
Rawn, Melanie, Jennifer Roberson and Kate Elliott. The Golden Key. $24.95.
Stunning Michael Whelan jacket art. Triple-signed copies available.
[ReBoot]. see [calendar]
Rendell, Ruth. Simisola. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 British hardcover. A 17th Inspector Wexford mystery novel.
Rice, Anne. Memnoch the Devil. $14.00.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. The Vampire Chronicles 5.
Rice, Anne. Servant of the Bones. $26.00.
First of a new series.
Rice, Doug. Blood of Mugwump: A Tiresian Tale of Incest. $8.95.
Rimbaud, Arthur. A Season in Hell. $.95.
Parallel text French and English translation by Oliver Bernard (1962). A Penguin 60s Classic.
Roberson, Jennifer. see Melanie Rawn ; [Highlander] ;
[Roddenberry, Gene] Yvonne Fern. Gene Roddenberry: The Last Conversation. $14.00.
Revised and updated reprint 1994 hardcover. New introduction in which the author practically disowns her work as fraudulent, after having confronted variations between Roddenberry's last recollections and everyone else's, and suggests that one read Justman's Inside Star Trek ($30.00) for a more complete picture.
Rosenberg, Joel. The Silver Stone. $23.00.
Keepers of the Hidden Ways 2: sequel to The Fire Duke ($5.99). Jacket art by Matt Stawicki.
Rucker, Rudy, Peter Lamborn Wilson and Robert Anton Wilson, editors. Semiotext[e] SF. $12.00.
Reprint 1989 Baer, Ballard, Boston, Gibson, Kadrey, Pollack, Rucker, Shirley, Sterling and others.
Salvatore, R. A. see [Forgotten Realms]
Saunders, Jennifer. Absolutely Fabulous 2. $12.00.
Teleplays and color stills from Edina and Patsy's six second season escapades.
Scieszka, Jon. Tut, Tut. $11.99.
The Time Warp Trio 6. Jacket art and illustrations by Lane Smith.
Sinclair, Alison. Legacies. $5.50.
Reprint 1995 British edition.
[Smeds, Dave as] 'Reed Manning'. Earthly Pleasures. $9.95.
Collection of his erotic science fiction. Introduction by Jack C. Haldeman II.
[Star Trek] James Gunn. The Joy Machine. $5.99.
Star Trek 80. Based on the story by Theodore Sturgeon. Great afterword by Gunn about the origins of this novel and his relationship with Sturgeon.
[Star Trek] Robert W. Bly. Why You Should Never Beam Down in a Red Shirt and 749 More Answers to Questions About Star Trek. $10.00.
[Star Trek] Taylor Harrison, Sarah Projansky, Kent A. Ono and Elyce Rae Helford, editors. Enterprise Zones: Critical Positions on Star Trek. $16.50.
Non-fiction: collection of critical studies.
[Star Trek: The Next Generation] W. R. Thompson. Infiltrator. $5.99.
Star Trek: The Next Generation 42.
[Star Wars] Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta. Jedi Under Siege. $5.99.
Young Jedi Knights 6.
[Star Wars] Michael P. Kube-McDowell. Shield of Lies. $5.99.
The Black Fleet Crisis 2: sequel to Before the Storm ($5.99).
[Star Wars]. see also [calendar]
[Stargate] Bill McCay. Stargate: Retaliation. $5.99.
A second original novel based on the story and characters created by Dean Devlin & Roland Emmerich.
[Stephenson, Neal and J. Frederick George] as 'Stephen Bury'. The Cobweb. $12.95.
Stevenson, Robert Louis. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. $.95.
Reprint 1888 hardcover. A Penguin 60s Classic.
[Stewart, Patrick] James Hatfield and George 'Doc' Burt. Patrick Stewart: The Unauthorized Biography. $5.99.
Stine, R. L. The Loudest Scream. $3.99.
Fear Street: Fear Park 2.
Stine, R. L. Forbidden Secrets. $3.99.
Fear Street Sagas 3. Young adult horror.
[Stine, R. L.] Katherine Lance. Night of the Werecat. $3.99.
Ghosts of Fear Street 12.
Stine, R. L. Legend of the Lost Legend. $3.99.
Goosebumps 47.
Tan, Cecilia, editor. Genderflex: Sexy Stories on the Edge and In-Between. $12.95.
Original anthology of erotic science fiction with stories by Bowen, Roche and others.
Tan, Cecilia, editor. The New Worlds of Women. $10.95.
Expanded edition of Worlds of Women (1993).
Tan, Cecilia, editor. Tales from the Erotic Edge: A Circlet Omnibus. $15.95.
Omnibus reprint Circlet Press' first four erotic fantasy booklets: Feline Fetishes (1993, edited by corwin), Forged Bonds (1993), Mate (1992, collection of stories by Lauren P. Burka) and Telepaths Don't Need Safewords (1992).
Thomas, Gwyn and Kevin Crossley-Holland. Tales from the Mabinogion. $18.95.
Reprint 1984 art book retelling. Illustrations by Margaret Jones.
Thompson, W. R. see [Star Trek: The Next Generation]
Tolkien, J. R. R. see [calendar]
Torres, Daniel. Tom. $15.99.
"Children's book about a dinosaur who gets lost in the Big City, gorgeously illustrated and charmingly told by Torres. Recommended."--Dave.
Vallejo, Boris. see [calendar]
Weis, Margaret. see [audio]
Wells, H. G. The Island of Dr. Moreau. $5.99.
Reprint 1896 British hardcover. Movie tie-in edition retains Brian Aldiss' 1988 afterword and bibliography from the earlier Signet Classics edition.
Wilde, Oscar. The Portrait of Mr W. H. $.95.
And 'The Ballad of Reading Gaol'. A Penguin 60s Classic.
Willey, Elizabeth. The Price of Blood and Honor. $25.95.
Jacket art by Charles Vess.
Williams, Walter Jon. Rock of Ages. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. A third Drake Majistral novel.
Wilson, F. Paul. Implant. $6.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover medical thriller.
Wilson, F. Paul, editor. Diagnosis: Terminal. $23.95.
Original anthology with stories of medical terror by Gorman, Pronzini, Spruill, Wagner (Karl Edward, his last story), Williamson (Chet) and others.
Wilson, Gahan. see [Byron Preiss]
Wilson, John. Weet. $7.95.
1995 Canadian young adult time-travel intelligent dinosaur novel. Illustrated by Janice Armstrong.
Wilson, Robert Anton. see Rudy Rucker
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn. Mansions of Darkness. $24.95.
A Saint-Germain historical (17th century Peru) vampire novel. Signed copies available.
[World of Darkness] Richard Lee Byers. The Ebon Mask. $5.99.
The World of Darkness: Wraith: Dark Kingdoms 1.
[X-Files] Stefan Petrucka. The X-Files Collection. $19.95.
Reprint first six issues Topps comic, illustrated by Charles Adlard.

Audio/Video received August 1996

[audio] [Dragonlance] Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Dragons of Summer Flame. $19.95.
Dragonlance Chronicles 4. Read by Wanda McCaddon on four audiocassettes.

Calendars received August 1996

[calendar] Scott Adams. I Admire Your Ability to Get Paid for This: 1997 Dilbert Calendar. $9.95.
Dilbert the Desk Calendar.
[calendar] Frank Frazetta. Frazetta 1997 Calendar. $10.99.
[calendar] H. R. Giger. The H. R. Giger 1997 Calendar of the Fantastique. $14.95.
[calendar] Matt Groening. It's the Life in Hell 1996-1997 16-Month Fun Calendar. $10.99.
[calendar] [ReBoot]. ReBoot 1997 Calendar. $11.99.
[calendar] [Star Wars]. Star Wars: The Vehicles 1997 Calendar. $12.95.
[calendar] [J. R. R. Tolkien] John Howe. Tolkien Calendar 1977. $12.99.
[calendar] Boris Vallejo. Boris Vallejo Classic 1997 Calendar. $9.95.

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