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New Books received January 1996

Abbey, Lynn. Siege of Shadows. $6.50.
Cover art by Jeff Barson.
Adams, Douglas. Hitchhiker's Trilogy boxed set. $20.97.
A boxed set of the recent Ballantine reprints.
Adamson, Lydia. Dr. Nightingale Enters the Bear Cave. $5.50.
A fifth Deirdre Quinn Nightingale mystery.
Anderson, Poul. All One Universe. $22.95.
New collection of stories and essays. Jacket art by Vincent di Fate.
Asimov, Isaac. Gold: The Final Science Fiction Collection. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover.
[Babylon 5] Jim Mortimore. Clark's Law. $5.50.
Babylon 5 4.
Barlowe, Wayne. The Alien Life of Wayne Barlowe. $24.95.
Foreword by Vincent di Fate.
[Battletech] Donald G. Phillips. Star Lord. $5.50.
Battletech 23
Bischoff, David. see [Space Precinct]
Black, Veronica. A Vow of Penance. $5.50.
Reprint 1994 hardcover mystery. A Sister Joan mystery.
Bohnhoff, Maya Kaathryn. The Spirit Gate. $5.99.
Cover art by Darrel K. Sweet.
Bova, Ben and A. J. Austin. To Fear the Light. $6.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover. Sequel to To Save the Sun ($4.99). Cover John Berkey.
Cady, Jack. The Off Season. $23.95.
A Victorian Sequel.
Calder, Richard. Dead Girls. $4.99.
Reprint 1992 British hardcover; first American paperback.
Card, Orson Scott. Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus. $23.95.
[Castle Falkenstein] John DeChancie. Castle Falkenstein 1: From Prussia With Love. $5.99.
Based on the R. Talsorian Games, Inc., game.
[Celtic Tales] Nadine Crenshaw. Celtic Tales: Balor of the Evil Eye. $5.99.
Based on the Koei Corporation game.
Charyn, Jerome, editor. The Crime Lover's Casebook. $5.99.
Reprint 1993 hardcover mystery anthology. The International Association of Crime Writers' Essential Crime Writing of the Late 20th Century. Includes stories by Barthelme, Block, Borges, Calvino, Carter (Angela), Carver, Chesbro, Ellison, Ellroy, Garcia Marquez, Gordimer, Gores, Grafton, Highsmith, Hillerman, James, Mishima, Mosley, Oates, Paretsky, Vachss, Westlake and others. A Byron Preiss Book.
Cherryh, C. J. Invader. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. Cover art by Michael Whelan. Sequel to Foreigner ($5.99).
Cornwell, Bernard. The Bloody Ground. $24.00.
The Starbuck Chronicles 4. An historical (Civil War) novel.
Coville, Bruce. Amulet of Doom. $3.99.
Reprint 1985 paperback young adult horror novel. Bruce Coville's Chamber of Horrors 1.
Deitz, Tom. Above the Lower Sky. $5.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover. Cover art by Daniel Horne.
DeChancie, John. see [Castle Falkenstein]
Delany, Samuel R. They Fly at Ciron. $6.99.
Reprint 1993 small press hardcover. Cover art by Thomas Canty.
Dibdin, Michael. The Last Sherlock Holmes Story. $10.00.
Reprint 1978 hardcover. A Vintage Crime/Black Lizard book.
Dickson, Gordon R. The Dragon and the Djinn. $21.95.
Jacket art by Den Beauvais. A sixth Dragon and the George book.
[Dragonlance] Roland Green. Knights of the Sword. $5.99.
Warriors 3. Cover art by Jeff Easley.
Duane, Diane. see [X-Com]
Duncan, Dave. The Cursed. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover.
Ellroy, James. American Tabloid. $6.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. A kind of alternate history novel.
Felice, Cynthia. see Connie Willis
[Forgotten Realms] Ed Greenwood. Elminster: The Making of a Mage. $5.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover. Cover art by Jeff Easley.
[Forgotten Realms] Brian Thomsen and J. Robert King, editors. Realms of Magic. $5.99.
Original anthology, stories by Cunningham, Golden, Greenwood, Herbert (Mary), Niles, Salvatore and others.
Foster, Alan Dean. The Dig. $19.95.
Based on the LucasArts Entertainment Company game.
Golden, Christie. see [Star Trek Voyager]
Goonan, Kathleen Ann. The Bones of Time. $23.95.
Gorman, Ed. see Martin H. Greenberg
Grant, Charles L., editor. Gallery of Horror. $21.95.
Reprint 1983 hardcover (then as The Dodd, Mead Gallery of Horror). A highly unusual instance of a hardcover reprint of a hardcover anthology! Some stories were original to this volume (Bishop, Campbell (Ramsey), Donaldson, Etchison, Lee (Tanith), Lustbader, Nolan, Ryan, Yarbro), some reprints (Bloch, Brennan, Dozois & Dann, King, Klein, Sturgeon).
Green, Roland. see [Dragonlance]
Greenberg, Martin H. and Ed Gorman, editors. Feline and Famous: Cat Crimes Goes Hollywood. $5.50.
Reprint 1994 hardcover mystery anthology, original cat mystery stories by Hoch, Lutz, Paul and others.
Greenberg, Martin H. see also Norman Partridge
Grimson, Todd. Stainless. $12.00.
Hamilton, Virginia. Many Thousand Gone: African-Americans from Slavery to Freedom. $12.00.
Reprint 1993 young adult non-fiction hardcover. Illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon.
Hawkes, Judith. My Soul to Keep. $23.95.
[Highlander] Ashley McConnell. Scimitar. $4.99.
Highlander 2.
Hjortsberg, William. Nevermore. $5.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover.
Hogan, James P. Paths to Otherwhere. $22.00.
Jacket art by David Deutsch.
Holland, Cecelia. Jerusalem. $23.95.
Historical (12th Century Jerusalem) novel.
Huff, Tanya. see [Ravenloft]
James, P. D. Original Sin. $6.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover. An Adam Dalgliesh novel.
James, Roby. Commencement. $5.99.
A Del Rey Discovery novel.
Jones, Gwyneth. North Wind. $21.95.
Sequel to White Queen ($12.95).
Kessel, John, Mark L. Van Name and Richard Butner, editors. Intersections: The Sycamore Hill Anthology. $23.95.
Emshwiller, Fowler, Frazier, Frost, Jablokov, Kelly, Kessel, Kress, Lethem, McHugh, Roessner, Sterling
Koontz, Dean. Intensity. $25.00.
Kress, Nancy. Beggars and Choosers. $5.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover. Sequel to Beggars in Spain (out-of-print).
Kress, Nancy. Oaths and Miracles. $22.95.
A contemporary scientific thriller.
Kurtz, Katherine and Deborah Turner Harris. Dagger Magic. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. The Adept 4.
Kurtz, Katherine. Two Crowns for America. $22.95.
A Masonic alternate history (Revolutionary America) novel. Great jacket art by Kinuko Y. Craft.
[Lackey, Mercedes] Josepha Sherman, editor. Lammas Night. $5.99.
An original anthology of stories inspired Lackey's title ballad, by Baudino, Golden, Hoffman (Nina Kiriki), Lackey, Mayhar, Nye, Paxson, Shepherd, Sherman, Shwartz, Stirling (S. M. and Jan), Waters and others. Cover art by Victoria Poyser.
Laidlaw, Marc. The 37th Mandala. $23.95.
Illustrated by Harry S. Robins.
Lee, Stan, editor. The Ultimate Spider-man. $5.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover. Cox, De Haven & Smith (Dean Wesley), Gardner, Lee & David and others. A Byron Preiss Multimedia Company, Inc. Book.
Lee, Tanith. Darkness, I. $24.95.
Third book of The Scarabae, in the Blood Opera Sequence: Sequel to Dark Dance and Personal Darkness (both out-of-print).
Lee, Tanith. Elephantasm. $5.99.
Reprint 1993 British hardcover erotic horror novel.
Lee, Tanith. Gold Unicorn. $5.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover. Sequel to Black Unicorn ($3.99). Cover art and illustrations by Mark Zug.
Leyner, Mark. tooth imprints on a corn dog. $11.00.
Reprint 1995 hardcover, adding two new pieces.
[Lone Wolf] Joe Dever. Lone Wolf 20: The Curse of Naar. $4.50.
Abridged reprint 1993 British paperback. Illustrations by Brian Williams.
Masterton, Graham. Burial. $5.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover. Conclusion to The Manitou series.
McConnell, Ashley. see [Highlander]
Michaels, Barbara. House of Many Shadows. $6.50.
Reprint 1974 hardcover gothic.
Modesitt, L. E., Jr. Order War. $6.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. Wraparound cover art by Darrell K. Sweet.
Modesitt, L. E., Jr. The Parafaith War. $23.95.
Moran, Richard. Earth Winter. $6.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. Sequel to The Empire of Ice ($5.99).
Nelson, James L. By Force of Arms. $12.00.
Revolution at Sea 1. Historical (Revolutionary America) naval novel.
Noon, Jeff. Pollen. $23.00.
Reprint 1995 British hardcover.
Noon, Jeff. Vurt. $13.95.
Reprint 1993 British hardcover.
Partridge, Norman and Martin H. Greenberg, editors. It Came from the Drive-In. $5.50.
Original horror anthology, with drive-in movie tales by Bonansinga, Bryant, Castro, Collins (Nancy), Devereaux, Gorman, Hoffman, Miller (Rex), Tem (Steve Rasnic), Wagner and others.
Pellegrino, Charles and George Zebrowski. The Killing Star. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. Cover art by Vincent diFate.
Peters, Ellis. Brother Cadfael's Penance. $5.99.
Reprint 1994 British hardcover. Brother Cadfael 20.
Pike, Christopher. The Cold People. $3.99.
Spooksville 5. Young adult horror.
Pike, Christopher. The Starlight Crystal. $3.99.
Platt, Charles. Protektor. $5.99.
Cover art by Tom Canty.
Powers, Tim. Expiration Date. $23.95.
Reprint 1995 British hardcover.
Ramos, Manuel. The Ballad of Gato Guerrero. $4.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover. A Luis Montez mystery.
[Ravenloft] Tanya Huff. Scholar of Decay. $5.99.
A thirteenth Ravenloft novel, according to the back cover blurb which probably forgot I, Strahd)
Resnick, Mike. A Miracle of Rare Design: A Tragedy of Transcendence. $5.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover. Cover art by John Berkey.
Robinson, Kim Stanley. The Memory of Whiteness. $13.95.
Reprint 1985 hardcover; first trade paperback.
"My second favorite of Robinson's novels. A tour-de-force combining music, physics, metaphysics and a tour of the solar system. Recommended."--Dave
Robinson, Spider and Jeanne Robinson. Starmind. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. Conclusion of the Stardance trilogy.
Romkey, Michael. The Vampire Princess. $5.99.
Sequel to I, Vampire and The Vampire Papers ($5.99 each).
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn. see [Star Trek Deep Space Nine]
Rushdie, Salman. The Moor's Last Sigh. $25.00.
Reprint 1995 British hardcover.
Russell, Sean. Sea Without a Shore. $5.99.
Moontide and Magic Rise 2: sequel to World Without End ($5.99). Wraparound cover art by Braldt Bralds.
Saberhagen, Fred. Dancing Bears. $23.95.
Jacket art by Gary Ruddell. A Russian werebear fantasy novel.
Salvatore, R. A. The Sword of Bedwyr. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. Crimson Shadow 1.
Savage, Felicity. Delta City. $5.99.
Sequel to Humility Garden ($4.99). Cover art by Mel Odom.
Sherman, Josepha. see [Mercedes Lackey]
Smith, Dean Wesley. see [Star Trek Deep Space Nine]
[Space Precinct] David Bischoff. Alien Island. $4.99.
Space Precinct 3. Based on the Gerry Anderson television show.
[Star Trek] Walter Irwin and G. B. Love, editors. Best of Trek #18. $4.99.
[Star Trek Deep Space Nine] Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch. The Long Night. $5.99.
Star Trek Deep Space Nine 14.
[Star Trek Deep Space Nine] Ted Pedersen. Gypsy World. $3.99.
Star Trek Deep Space Nine 7, the young adult series. Cover art by Alan Gutierrez; illustrations by Todd Cameron Hamilton.
[Star Trek Voyager] Christie Golden. The Murdered Sun. $5.99.
Star Trek Voyager 6.
Stewart, Mary. The Prince and the Pilgrim. $23.00.
A Grail novel. Jacket art by Mark Harrison.
Stine, R. L. The Face. $3.99.
A Fear Street young adult horror novel.
Stine, R. L. Night of the Living Dummy III. $3.99.
Goosebumps 40. Includes two Goosebumps trading cards.
[Stine, R. L.] Lisa Eisenberg. Stay Away from the Tree House. $3.99.
R. L. Stine's Ghosts of Fear Street 5.
Stirling, S. M. Drakon. $5.99.
A fourth Draka novel. Cover art by Stephen Hickman.
Straub, Peter. The Hellfire Club. $25.95.
Turtledove, Harry. Worldwar: Tilting the Balance. $6.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover.
Turtledove, Harry. Worldwar: Upsetting the Balance. $23.00.
Third, following Worldwar: In the Balance ($5.99) and Worldwar: Tilting the Balance ($6.99).
Tuten, Frederic. Tin Tin in the New World. $12.00.
Reprint 1993 hardcover.
Van Allsburg, Chris. Jumanji [book and cassette]. $24.95.
Includes reading by Robin Williams on one 35 minute cassette.
Williams, Sheila, editor. Hugo and Nebula Award Winners from Asimov's Science Fiction. $12.99.
Award-winners by Bear, Bisson, Butler, Charnas, Dozois, Kagan, Kress, Landis, Martin, Murphy, Resnick, Sargent, Shepard, Varley, Watt-Evans, Willis, and Zelazny.
"A killer anthology. You, our well-read customers, will already know most of these classics of late 20th Century science fiction. But it's the perfect gift to introduce new readers or doubting thomases to the some of the best in the field, and bargain book priced to boot!"--Dave
Williamson, Jack. The Humanoids. $13.95.
Reprint 1949 hardcover, adding the original Astounding short story, 'With Folded Hands,' from which John W. Campbell, Jr., helped Williamson extrapolate the later famed novel. Illustrations by David G. Klein.
"By me, one of the classics of the field, uncovering territory which Asimov, Dick and Sladek would all later explore and enhance. I still get a buzz picking up this book and reading passages at random. Recommended."--Dave
Willis, Connie and Cynthia Felice. Water Witch. $4.99.
Third printing of 1982 paperback.
Winthrop, Elizabeth. Shoes. $6.95.
Children's book about the variety of footwear, illustrated by William Joyce.
Wolfe, Gene. Storeys from the Old Hotel. $14.95.
Reprint 1988 hardcover short story collection.
Wood, N. Lee. Looking for the Mahdi. $12.00.
Cover art by Bruce Jensen.
[The World of Darkness] Staley Krause and Stewart Wieck, editors. The World of Darkness: Strange City. $5.50.
Stories set in the White Wolf game by Byers, Ciencin, Herber, Somtow, Watt-Evans and others.
Wurts, Janny. That Way Lies Camelot. $20.00.
Reprint 1994 British hardcover short story collection. Wraparound jacket art Wurts.
Wurts, Janny. Warhost of Vastmark. $5.99.
Reprint second half 1995 hardcover. The Wars of Light and Shadow 2: Ships of Merior 2: Wraparound cover art by Wurts.
[X-Com] Diane Duane. X-Com 1: UFO Defense. $5.99.
Based on the Microprose Software computer game.
Zebrowski, George. see Charles Pellegrino
[Zelazny, Roger] Theodore Krulik. The Complete Amber Sourcebook. $15.00.
A Dictionary of Things Amber.

Audiotapes received January 1996

[audio] [Fawlty Towers] John Cleese and Connie Booth. Fawlty Towers 3. $16.99.
Two hours on two cassettes.
[audio] [Star Wars] Michael A. Stackpole. X-Wing 1: Rogue Squadron. $16.99.
Abridged reading by Henry Thomas. 180 minutes on two cassettes.


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