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One unique Other Change of Hobbit service is our *special account.*

For an opening deposit of $500, we'll set up a Special Account for you, and keep track of that $500 until you have used it to buy $600 worth of merchandise. That's a 20% discount on every purchase.

Virtually everything in the store (except for items in the collectors' catalogue, and items which are short discount from our sources) is available at this discount to special account customers.

We can also special order practically any book that is in print, shipped directly from our distributor.

The Account is renewable in increments of $500.00.

We also split the postage and handling fee on anything ordered through your Special Account: you'll only pay half the shipping cost.

If you spend that much money a year on science fiction and fantasy books, this deal can't be beat! And remember, that's only about 24 hardcovers, or 75 paperbacks (not to mention picture books, and whatever else you might happen to want).

Start your special account today! Give us a call, or hit the following PayPal button:

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The Other Change of Hobbit

email to: ochobbit[at]otherchangeofhobbit[dot]com
SnailMail: 1600 Kearney St, Ste A, El Cerrito CA 94530-2119 USA
Phone: 510-848-0413 or 510-OKHOBBI(T)

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