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New Books received March 1997

Ackroyd, Peter. Milton in America. $22.95.
Hardcover reprint 1996 British hardcover alternate history (Milton 1660 America) novel.
Adams, Scott. Casual Day Has Gone Too Far. $9.95.
Trade paperback. A ninth collection of daily and Sunday Dilbert strips, these from 1995.
Adams, Scott. You Don't Need Experience If You've Got Attitude. $6.95.
Mini-book. A Dilbert Book.
Anderson, Kevin J. see [Star Wars]
Anderson, Poul. see Jack Dann
Anthony, Patricia. God's Fires. $22.95.
Asimov, Isaac. Magic: The Final Fantasy Collection. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover collection.
Attanasio, A. A.. see 'Adam Lee'
[Babylon 5] Jeanne Cavelos. The Shadow Within. $5.50.
Paperback. Babylon 5 7. Based on the tv series by J. Michael Straczynski.
Bakis, Kirsten. Lives of the Monster Dogs. $23.00.
Hardcover. A first novel about Monster Dogs in early 21st Century New York City.
[Barker, Clive] Stephen Jones, compiler. Clive Barker's A-Z of Horror. $29.95.
Trade paperback. Official companion and guide to the BBC television series.
Barron, T. A. The Lost Years of Merlin. $19.95.
Bartok-Baratta, Mira and Christine Ronan. North Africa: Morocco. $9.95.
Trade paperback. Ancient and Living Cultures Stencils. Map, everyday life, festivals, stencils, tales, projects, resources.
Bartok-Baratta, Mira and Christine Ronan. North Africa: Morocco. $9.95.
Trade paperback. Ancient and Living Cultures Stencils. Map, everyday life, festivals, stencils, tales, projects, resources.
Bartok-Baratta, Mira and Christine Ronan. South India. $9.95.
Trade paperback. Ancient and Living Cultures Stencils. Map, everyday life, festivals, stencils, tales, projects, resources.
[Battletech] Loren L. Coleman. Double-Blind. $5.99.
Paperback. Battletech [31; not numbered on the book, only on packing information].
Bisson, Terry. Pirates of the Universe. $12.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Cover art by Bob Eggleton.
Boulet, Susan Seddon. Shaman: Paintings by Susan Seddon Boulet: A Book of Postcards. $9.95.
Postcard book.
Bradley, Marion Zimmer [and Adrienne Martine-Barnes]. Exile's Song. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Sequel to The Heritage of Hastur ($4.99) and Sharra's Exile ($5.99). Cover art by Romas Kukalis.
Bradley, Marion Zimmer. The Inheritor. $25.95.
Hardcover reprint 1984 paperback; first hardcover edition.
Bright, Susie. Susie Bright's Sexual State of the Union. $23.00.
Hardcover non-fiction.
Bryant, Dorothy. The Kin of Ata are Waiting for You. $10.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1971 trade paperback (originally The Comforter).
Butler, Octavia E. Dawn. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1987 hardcover. Xenogenesis 1. New cover art by John Jude Palencar.
Butler, Octavia E. Adulthood Rites. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1988 hardcover. Xenogenesis 2. New cover art by John Jude Palencar.
Butler, Octavia E. Imago. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1989 hardcover. Xenogenesis 3. New cover art by John Jude Palencar.
Canemaker, John. see [Felix the Cat]
Cavelos, Jeanne. see [Babylon 5]
Charrette, Robert N. Wizard of Bones. $5.50.
Paperback. Chronicle of Aelwyn 3: sequel to Timespell ($4.99) and Eye of the Serpent ($5.50).
Ciencin, Scott. Ancient Games. $5.99.
Paperback. The Elven Ways 2: sequel to The Ways of Magic ($5.50). Cover art by Darrell K. Sweet.
Cochran, Molly and Warren Murphy. World Without End: A Novel of Atlantis. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover.
Cole, Babette. Dr. Dog. $6.99.
Trade paperback reprint 1994 British hardcover kid's picture book, illustrations by the author.
Cole, Babette. Drop Dead. $17.00.
Hardcover picture book illustrated by the author.
Coleman, Loren L. see [Battletech]
Coover, Robert. John's Wife. $13.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover.
Dann, Jack, Pamela Sargent, George Zebrowski, editors. White Wolf Rediscovery Trio 1: Three in Time. $14.99.
Trade paperback omnibus reprinting three novels: The Year of the Quiet Sun by Wilson Tucker (1957), The Winds of Time by Chad Oliver (1970) and There Will Be Time by Poul Anderson (1972). Foreword by Arthur C. Clarke.
Datlow, Ellen, editor. Off Limits: Tales of Alien Sex. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover anthology, with original stories by Bradfield, Haldeman & Yolen, Jones (Gwyneth), Koja & Malzberg, Matheson (Richard Christian), McAllister, Soukup, Stableford, Tuttle and others; reprint stories by Delany, Hand, Silverberg and others. Foreword by Silverberg. Cover art by Chris Moore.
Day, Dianne. Fire and Fog. $5.50.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. A second Fremont Jones historical (1906 SF) mystery novel, following The Strange Files of Fremont Jones ($4.99).
Delany, Samuel R. Atlantis: Three Tales. $14.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 hardcover collection.
Demi. One Grain of Rice: A Mathematical Folktale. $19.95.
Hardcover picture book illustrated by the author.
Dexter, Colin. Last Seen Wearing. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1976 British hardcover. An Inspector Morse mystery novel.
Dick, Philip K. The Philip K. Dick Reader. $14.95.
Trade paperback. A single volume selection from the now out-of-print Collected Stories.
[Disney] Bob Thomas. Disney's Art of Animation: from Mickey Mouse to Hercules. $45.00.
Augmented reprint 1992 hardcover. Sections on Hercules replace the original edition's Beauty and the Beast.
[Disney] Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, editors. Walt Disney's Bambi: The Sketchbook Series. $29.95.
[Doctor Who] Marc Platt. Downtime. $5.95.
Doctor Who The Missing Adventures 18.
[Doctor Who] Andy Lane. The Empire of Glass. $5.95.
Doctor Who The Missing Adventures 16.
[Doctor Who] David A. McIntee. Lords of the Storm. $5.95.
Doctor Who The Missing Adventures 17.
[Doctor Who] Daniel O. Mahony. The Man in the Velvet Mask. $5.95.
Doctor Who The Missing Adventures 19.
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. see [audio]
Duane, Diane. see [Star Trek: The Next Generation]
Easton, Thomas A. Silicon Karma. $11.99.
Hardcover. First hardcopy edition earlier published on disk (1995).
Feist, Raymond E. Rage of a Demon King. $24.00.
Hardcover. The Serpentwar Saga 3: sequel to Shadow of a Dark Queen ($5.99) and Rise of a Merchant Prince ($6.50).
[Felix the Cat] John Canemaker. Felix: The Twisted Tale of the World's Most Famous Cat. $16.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1991 hardcover non-fiction.
[Forever Knight] Susan Sizemore. A Stirring of Dust. $5.99.
Paperback. Forever Knight 1. Based on the tv series by James D. Parriott and Barney Cohen.
Foy, George. The Shift. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 trade paperback.
Fraser, George MacDonald. The General Danced at Dawn. $8.00.
Paperback. McAuslan 1.
Fraser, George MacDonald. McAuslan in the Rough. $8.00.
Paperback. McAuslan 2.
Fraser, George MacDonald. The Sheikh in the Dustbin. $8.00.
Paperback. McAuslan 3.
Gaiman, Neil and Ed Kramer, editors. The Sandman: Book of Dreams. $12.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover original anthology with stories by Brust, Clough, Collins (Nancy), Effinger, Ford, Goldstein, Haber, Hambly, Schimel, Sherman (Delia), Williams (Tad), Wolfe and others. Afterword by Tori Amos. Cover art by Dave McKean. Frontispiece by Clive Barker.
Garcia y Robertson, R. Atlantis Found. $5.99.
Gifford, Barry. see David Lynch
Goldstein, Lisa. Travellers in Magic. $15.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1994 hardcover collection. Cover art by Thomas Canty.
Goodwin, Archie. see [Star Wars]
Greenberg, Martin H., editor. Elf Fantastic. $5.99.
Paperback. Original anthology with stories by Abbey, Gardner, Haber, Huff, Lindskold, McKiernan, Norton, Nye, Paxson, Reichert and others. Cover art by John Howe.
Gribbin, John and Mary. Fire on Earth: Doomsday, Dinosaurs, and Humankind. $12.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover non-fiction.
Griffith, Nicola and Stephen Pagel, editors. Bending the Landscape: Fantasy. $19.99.
Hardcover original anthology with stories by Antieau, Bailey, Bowes, Huff, Kushner & Sherman, Salmonson, Shepherd and others.
Haddam, Jane. And One to Die On. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. A fourteenth Gregor Demarkian holiday (birthday) mystery novel.
Haining, Peter, editor. Great Irish Tales of Horror: A Treasury of Fear. $24.95.
Hardcover anthology reprinting stories by Hearn, Jordan, Le Fanu, Rohmer, Shaw, Shiel, Stoker, Tremayne and others.
Haldeman, Joe. None So Blind. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover story collection.
Hampton, Christopher. The Secret Agent and Nostromo. $15.95.
Trade paperback. Two screenplays based on Joseph Conrad's fiction. Nostromo was intended for David Lean, but remains unproduced.
[Hercules] David L. Seidman. The First Casualty. $5.99.
Paperback. Hercules The Legendary Journeys 4. Based on the tv series by Christian Williams.
Hickman, Tracy. The Immortals. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover.
[Lindholm, Megan] as 'Robin Hobb'. Assassin's Quest. $22.95.
Hardcover. Farseer 3: sequel to Assassin's Apprentice ($6.50) and Royal Assassin ($6.50). Jacket art by Stephen Youll.
Hogan, James P. Bug Park. $22.00.
Hardcover. Jacket art by David Mattingly.
Hood, Daniel. Beggars Banquet. $5.50.
Paperback. Sequel to Fanuilh ($5.50) and Wizard's Heir ($4.99). Cover art by Bob Eggleton.
[Interzone] David Pringle, editor. The Best of Interzone. $25.95.
Hardcover reprint British hardcover anthology. Reprints stories from Interzone by Aldiss, Ballard, Baxter, Calder, di Filippo, Disch, Egan, Gentle, Griffith, Hamilton, Joyce, Kilworth, Langford, MacLeod, McMullen, Newman, Park, Ryman, Stableford, Watson, Wilder and others.
Jacques, Brian. see [audio]
Jardin, Alexandre. Cybermama: An Extraordinary Voyage to the Center of Cyberspace. $14.95.
Hardcover. Translation 1996 French oversize kid's postWired photocollage book. Photography by Alain Derobe.
Johnston, Ollie. see [Disney]
Jones, Stephen. see [Clive Barker]
Kahn, James. see [Star Wars]
Keyes, J. Gregory. The Waterborn. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Children of the Changeling 1: or at least that was the series title given in the hardcover edition, it now seems to be dubbed Chosen of the Changeling, go figure. Cover art still by Tom Kidd.
Koch, Howard. see [audio]
Koontz, Dean. Ticktock. $7.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 British hardcover; first American edition is this mass market paperback.
Kramer, Ed. see Neil Gaiman
Kress, Nancy. Oaths and Miracles. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover.
Lane, Andy. see [Doctor Who]
Lansky, Bruce, editor. Girls to the Rescue: Tales of Clever, Courageous Girls from Around the World. $3.95.
Digest paperback. A 1995 children's anthology, with stories by Vande Velde and others.
Le Guin, Ursula K. The Lathe of Heaven. $12.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1971 hardcover; first trade paperback edition. Cover art by J. K. Potter.
[Attanasio, A. A. as] 'Adam Lee'. The Dark Shore. $13.00.
Trade paperback.The Dominions of Irth 1. Cover art by Matt Stawicki.
Lee, Tanith. The Book of the Damned. $13.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1988 (not 1990 as given on the copyright page) British hardcover. The Secret Books of Paradys 1. Cover art by Wayne Barlowe.
Lee, Tanith. The Book of the Beast. $13.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1988 (not 1989 as given on the copyright page) British hardcover. The Secret Books of Paradys 2. Cover art by Wayne Barlowe.
Lewis, C. S. see [audio]
Lindholm, Megan. see 'Robin Hobb'
Llywelyn, Morgan. Strongbow: The Story of Richard and Aoife. $4.99.
Paperback reprint 1992 Irish young adult biography. Cover art and illustrations by Ciruelo Cabral.
Lynch, David and Barry Gifford. Lost Highway. $13.95.
Trade paperback. Screenplay with black-and-white stills.
MacDonald, John D. One Fearful Yellow Eye. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1966 hardcover. The eighth Travis McGee mystery novel.
[Magic: The Gathering] Kathy Ice, editor. Distant Planes: An Anthology. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 trade paperback anthology, with stories by Castro, Lindskold, Stackpole, Thomson, Vardeman and others. Illustrations by Elizabeth Danforth.
[Malice Domestic] Anne Perry, presenter. Malice Domestic 6: An Anthology of Original Traditional Mystery Stories. $5.99.
Paperback original anthology with mystery stories Aird, Breen, Brett, Burke, Cannell, Caudwell, Davis, Marston and others.
Martin, Thomas K. The Awakening. $5.99.
Paperback. Magelord [1]. Cover art by Duane O. Myers.
Martine-Barnes, Adrienne. see Marion Zimmer Bradley
Matthews, Susan R. An Exchange of Hostages. $5.99.
Paperback. Cover art by Geoffrey Bridges.
McCrumb, Sharyn. The Rosewood Casket. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover Appalachian mystery novel.
McDonnell, Patrick. Mutts. $9.95.
Trade paperback comic strip collection. Foreword by Charles M. Schulz.
"The first year and a bit more a comic strip which is more than just your classic dog and cat buddy cartoon. Using a style which harks back to Cliff Sterrett and George Herriman, McDonnell is very much his own man, crafting humor from the foibles of his characters."--Dave
Moesta, Rebecca. see [Star Wars]
Monahan, Brent. The Bell Witch: An American Haunting. $20.95.
Monteleone, Thomas F. Night of Broken Souls. $21.00.
[Nebula Awards] Pamela Sargent, editor. Nebula Awards 31. $26.00.
Hardcover. Annual awards anthology with fiction by winners Friesner, Hand, Le Guin and Sawyer; by nominees Bailey (Dale), Benford, Eskridge, Goldstein, Kelly, McHugh, and new Grand Master van Vogt; a Year in Science Fiction and Fantasy symposium with di Filippo, Moffett, Roessner, Silverberg and Springer; Rhysling Award winning poetry by Lunde and Raphael; and more.
[Nebula Awards] Pamela Sargent, editor. Nebula Awards 31. $13.00.
Trade paperback. See above.
Oliver, Chad. see Jack Dann
Orner, Eric. The Ethan Green Chronicles. $10.95.
Trade paperback. A third collection of strips from his Unfabulous Social Life.
Pagel, Stephen. see Nicola Griffith
Park, Paul. Celestis. $13.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 hardcover.
Parker, Robert B. Chance. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. A Spenser and Hawk mystery novel.
Parkinson, Keith. Knightsbridge: The Art of Keith Parkinson. $24.95.
Hardcover art book, mostly just reproducing cover art. Foreword by Terry Brooks.
Patrick, Michael. Cats of the Masters. $9.95.
Hardcover. Additional illustrations by Sandy Reznor, Al Stutrud and Mindy Sullivan.
Patrick, Michael. Mutts of the Masters. $9.95.
Hardcover. Additional illustrations by Sandy Reznor, Al Stutrud and Mindy Sullivan.
Patton, Fiona. The Stone Prince. $6.99.
Paperback. Cover art by Jody A. Lee.
Pembroke, Lynne. The Caterpillarian Chronicles. $4.99.
Perry, Anne. Ashworth Hall. $24.00.
Hardcover. Charlotte and Thomas Pitt 17.
Perry, Anne. see also [Malice Domestic]
Perry, Steve. see [Star Wars]
Pournelle, Jerry. see Charles Sheffield
Reimann, Katya. Wind from a Foreign Sky. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. The Tielmaran Chronicles 1.
Pratchett, Terry. Men at Arms. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1993 British hardcover. The sixteenth Discworld novel.
Pratchett, Terry. Interesting Times. $22.00.
Hardcover reprint 1995 British hardcover. The seventeenth Discworld novel.
Price, Robert M., editor. The Hastur Cycle. $10.95.
Trade paperback augmented reprint 1993 (with new 1997 copyright) trade paperback. Second Revised Edition, adds story by Brennan to others by Bierce, Blish, Campbell (Ramsey), Carter, Chambers, Derleth, Lovecraft, Lupoff, Machen, Wade and Wagner.
Pringle, David. see [Interzone]
Quammen, David. The Song of the Dodo: Island Biogeography in an Age of Extinctions. $17.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover non-fiction.
Reeves-Stevens, Judith and Garfield. see [Star Trek]
Resnick, Mike, editor. Alternate Tyrants. $11.99.
Trade paperback original anthology with stories by Feeley, Green, Koja & Malzberg, Lupoff, Robinson, Rusch and others; one reprint by McHugh. Cover art by Barclay Shaw. This trade paperback was originally scheduled for mass market release last year, which may explain the individual stories' 1996 copyright and the apparently enlarged typesetting.
Rice, Anne. Interview with the Vampire. $14.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1976 hardcover; first trade paperback edition. Cover art by Michael Deas.
Robinson, Spider. Lifehouse. $5.99.
Paperback. Sequel to Deathkiller ($5.99).
"Standard Robinson, Story is based on a Kornbluth book. I found it boring."--Michael
Rosenberg, Liz. Monster Mama. $5.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1993 hardcover picture book. Illustrations by Stephen Gammell.
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn. The Rival. $5.99.
Paperback. The Fey 3: sequel to The Sacrifice ($5.99) and The Changeling ($5.99). Cover art by Yvonne Gilbert.
Sargent, Pamela. see Jack Dann; [Nebula Awards]
Saul, John. Ashes to Ashes: The Dragon's Flame. $2.99.
Paperback. The Blackstone Chronicles 3: sequel to An Eye for An Eye: The Doll ($2.99) and Twist of Fate: The Locket ($2.99).
Self, Will. Grey Area and Other Stories. $12.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1994 British hardcover collection.
Dr. Seuss. Seuss-isms. $6.99.
Mini-book. Wise and Witty Prescriptions for Living from the Good Doctor. Collection of reprinted selections and illustrations.
Sharpe, Mal and Sandra. Weird Rooms. $25.00.
Hardcover. Photos by Alexander Vertikoff. Non-fiiction collection of weird living spaces. You probably know people who live in similar rooms!
'Shatner, William'. see [Star Trek]
Sheffield, Charles. Convergence. $5.99.
Paperback. Heritage Universe 4: sequel to Summertide (1990), Divergence (1991) and Transcendence (1992).
Sheffield, Charles and Jerry Pournelle. Higher Education. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Cover art by Vincent di Fate.
Shepherd, Mark. Spiritride. $5.99.
Paperback. A Serrated Edge novel.
Shinn, Sharon. Archangel. $6.50.
Paperback reprint 1996 trade paperback. Cover art by John Jude Palencar.
Silverberg, Robert. Reflections and Refractions. $19.95.
Trade paperback. Thoughts on Science-Fiction, Science and Other Matters. Collection of Silverberg's essays from various magazines of the past couple of decades.
Smith, L. J. Soulmate. $3.99.
Paperback. Night World 6: young adult vampire novel.
Soos, Troy. Murder at Wrigley Field. $5.50.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. A third Mickey Rawlings baseball mystery novel.
Soos, Troy. Hunting a Detroit Tiger. $18.95.
Hardcover. A fourth Mickey Rawlings baseball mystery novel.
Spencer, William Browning. Zod Wallop. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1995 hardcover.
[Star Trek] William Shatner with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. The Return. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover.
[Star Trek Starfleet Academy] Bobbi JG Weiss and David Cody Weiss. Breakaway. $3.99.
Digest paperback. Starfleet Academy 12. Cover art by Donato Giancola. Illustrations by Todd Cameron Hamilton.
[Star Trek: The Next Generation] Diane Duane. Intellivore. $5.99.
Paperback. Star Trek: The Next Generation 45.
[Star Wars]. Star Wars Flip Books. $6.49.
Plastic-wrapped set of the three flip books, which are also available separately at $2.98 each.
[Star Wars] Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta. Diversity Alliance. $5.99.
Paperback. Young Jedi Knights 8.
[Star Wars] [Dark Horse] Archie Goodwin. The Empire Strikes Back. $9.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1980 Marvel Comics adaptation, adding two pages of George Hull storyboard art for the Special Edition. Artwork by Williamson & Garzon; cover art by Tim & Greg Hildebrandt.
[Star Wars] [Dark Horse] Archie Goodwin. Return of the Jedi. $9.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1983 Marvel Comics adaptation, adding fourteen pages of production art for the Special Edition. Artwork by Williamson & Garzon; cover art by Greg & Tim Hildebrandt.
[Star Wars] James Kahn. The Return of the Jedi. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1983 paperback; 26th printing, new Special Edition cover.
[Star Wars] Rebecca Moesta. Anakin's Quest. $4.50.
Digest paperback. Junior Jedi Knights 4.
[Star Wars] Steve Perry. Shadows of the Empire. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Cover art by Drew Struzan.
[Star Wars] John Whitman. Star Wars: The Death Star. $15.95.
A Pop-up book. Color illustrations by Barbara Gibson. Paper engingeering by James Diaz and Heather Simmons.
[Star Wars] John Whitman. Planet Plague. $4.99.
Digest paperback. Galaxy of Fear 3
Steele, Allen. The Tranquillity Alternative. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Cover art by Bob Eggleton.
Stewart, Mary. The Prince and the Pilgrim. $6.50.
Paperback reprint 1995 hardcover. Novel parallel to the main Arthur sequence.
[Stine, R. L.] Wendy Haley. Daughters of Silence. $3.99.
Paperback. Fear Street Sagas 6.
[Stine, R. L.] Carolyn Crimi. Three Evil Wishes. $3.99.
Digest paperback. Ghosts of Fear Street 19.
Stine, R. L. Secret Agent Grandma. $3.99.
Digest paperback. Give Yourself Goosebumps 16.
Stine, R. L. Don't Go to Sleep!. $3.99.
Digest paperback. Goosebumps 54. Includes two Goosebumps cards.
Stine, R. L. Fear Street: The Rich Girl. $3.99.
Sutcliff, Rosemary. The Minstrel and the Dragon Pup. $6.99.
Trade paperback reprint 1993 hardcover picture book. Illustrations by Emma Chichester Clark.
Thomas, Bob. see [Disney]
Thomas, Frank. see [Disney]
Thornley, Diann. Echoes of Issel. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Saga of the Unified Worlds 2: sequel to Ganwold's Child ($5.99).
Tucker, Wilson. see Jack Dann
Vallejo, Doris and Boris Vallejo. Enchantment. $19.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1985 trade paperback. Erotic fantasy stories by Doris, illustrations by Boris.
Weinberg, Robert. The Road to Hell. $5.99.
Paperback. The Horizon War 1: first of a World of Darkness: Mage: The Ascension trilogy.
Weisser, Thomas. Asian Cult Cinema. $14.00.
Trade paperback. Non-fiction.
Wells, H. G. see [audio]
Williams, Michael. Arcady. $6.50.
Paperback reprint 1996 trade paperback. Cover art by 'Roman' Kukalis.
Wingrove, David. White Moon, Red Dragon. $6.50.
Paperback reprint 1994 (not 1996 as typoed copyright would imply) British hardcover. Chung Kuo 6.
Wings, Mary. She Came to the Castro. $21.95.
Hardcover. A fourth Emma Victor mystery novel.
Winterson, Jeanette. Gut Symmetries: A Novel. $22.00.
[X-Files] Jane Goldman. The X-Files Book of the Unexplained Volume Two. $29.95.
Hardcover. Companion to The X-Files Book of the Unexplained Volume One ($29.95).
[X-Files] Les Martin. E.B.E. $3.95.
Digest paperback. X-Files 9. Young adult adaptation based on teleplay by Glen Morgan and James Wong.
[X-Files] Les Martin. Ghost in the Machine. $4.50.
Digest paperback. X-Files 11. Young adult novelization based on the teleplay by Howard Gordon & Alex Gansa.
Yep, Laurence. The Case of the Goblin Pearls. $14.95.
Hardcover. A first Chinatown young adult mystery,
Yep, Laurence. Mountain Light. $5.95.
Digest paperback reprint 1985 hardcover young adult historical (1855 California) novel. Part of the sequence that includes Dragonwings ($4.95).
Yolen, Jane. The Books of Great Alta. $16.95.
Omnibus reprint Sister Light, Sister Dark (1988) and White Jenna (1989).
Yolen, Jane. Merlin. $16.00.
Hardcover. Young Merlin 3: concludes trilogy begun in Passager ($15.00) and Hobby ($15.00). Jacket art by Bryan Leister.
Young, Janine Ellen. Cinderblock. $5.99.
Cover art by Bruce Jensen.
Zebrowski, George. see Jack Dann
Zettel, Sarah. Fool's War. $5.99.
Paperback. Cover art by Donato.

Audio/Video received March 1997

[audio] [Sir Arthur Conan Doyle] BBC Radio. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Volume 2. $16.99.
Full cast BBC radio dramatisations. Approximately three hours on two cassettes.
[audio] June Foray. Tall and Small Tales. $9.98.
Five stories for children by the voice of a zillion cartoon characters.
[audio] Brian Jacques. Pearls of Lutra. $17.95.
Read by the author. Approximately three hours on two cassettes.
[audio] C. S. Lewis. Narnia 6: The Magician's Nephew. $16.99.
Full cast BBC radio dramatisation. Approximately two hours on two cassettes.
[audio] [H. G. Wells] Howard Koch. War of the Worlds. $12.95.
Full cast dramatization includes Nimoy, McFadden, Shimerman, Spiner, Wheaton and other Star Trek veterans; directed by de Lancie. Approximately seventy minutes on one cassette.

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