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October 1996 Releases

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New Books received October 1996

Acres, Mark. see [Thunderscape]
Adams, Scott. Access Denied: Dilbert's Quest for Love in the Nineties. $4.95.
A Dilbert mini-book.
Adams, Scott. Dogbert's Top Secret Management Handbook. $16.00.
A kind of sequel to The Dilbert Principle ($22.00).
Adams, Scott. see also [calendar]
Aiken, Joan. Emma Watson. $20.95.
A completion of Jane Austen's The Watsons.
Alexander, Bruce. Murder in Grub Street. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. A second Sir John Fielding historical (18th Century London) mystery novel.
Anderson, Kevin J. see [Star Wars]; [Star Wars]
Andersson, C. Dean. I Am Frankenstein. $5.99.
Anthony, Piers. Yon Ill Wind. $23.95.
The twentieth Xanth collection of puns. Jacket art by Darrell K. Sweet.
'Archer, Nathan'. see [Mars Attacks]
Ashley, Mike, editor. The Chronicles of the Holy Grail. $12.95.
Mostly original anthology, with stories by Godwin, Jones (Heather Rose), Karr, Stableford, Taylor, Timlett, Tremayne and others.
Atherton, Nancy. Aunt Dimity's Good Dead. $20.95.
A third Aunt Dimity mystery novel. Also available are Aunt Dimity's Death ($5.95) and Aunt Dimity and the Duke ($5.95).
"These are really romantic ghost stories with a mystery thrown in--all three are terrific fun. Recommended."--Debbie
Aycliffe, Jonathan. The Lost: A Novel of Dark Discoveries. $16.00.
Baldwin, Bill. The Defiance. $5.99.
A sixth Helmsman adventure.
Barlowe, Wayne Douglas. Barlowe's Guide to Fantasy: Great Heroes and Bizarre Beings from Imaginative Literature. $19.95.
Trade paperback edition. Text by Neil Duskis. Foreword by John Silbersack.
Barlowe, Wayne Douglas. Barlowe's Guide to Fantasy: Great Heroes and Bizarre Beings from Imaginative Literature. $35.00.
Hardcover edition.
Barnes, Steven see Larry Niven
Barron, T. A. Merlin Effect. $5.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover. Cover art by Darrell K. Sweet.
[Battletech] Victor Milán. Black Dragon. $5.99.
Battletech 29.
Beagle, Peter S. The Unicorn Sonata. $16.95.
Color plates by Robert Rodriguez.
Bear, Greg. Songs of Earth & Power. $6.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover, revised versions of The Infinity Concerto (1984) and The Serpent Mage (1986). Cover art by Nicholas Jainschigg.
Betancourt, John. see [Birthright]
Bethke, Bruce and Vox Day [Theodore Beale]. Rebel Moon. $5.99.
Based on the Ferris Wolf computer game.
Bevarly, Elizabeth, Elaine Crawford, Marylyle Rogers, and Maggie Benson Shayne. A Sprinkle of Fairy Dust. $5.99.
Four fairy romance novelettes.
[Birthright] Dixie Lee McKeone. Greatheart. $5.99.
Birthright 2.
[Birthright] John Betancourt. The Hag's Contract. $5.99.
Birthright 3.
[Blake's 7] Tony Attwood. Blake's 7: The Programme Guide. $5.95.
1994 British paperback, now distributed in the US.
Bonanno, Margaret Wander see Nichelle Nichols
Boulet, Susan Seddon. see [calendar]
Bradbury, Ray. The October Country. $10.00.
Reprint 1955 hardcover with the original black & white illustrations by Joe Mugnaini. New introduction by Bradbury.
Bright, Susie, editor. The Best American Erotica 1996. $12.00.
Anthology reprints stories by Eighner, Gluck, Roche, Saylor (as 'Travis'), Tan, Taylor (Lucy) and others.
Brin, David. Brightness Reef. $6.50.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. First volume in The Uplift Trilogy. Cover art by Michael Whelan.
Bujold, Lois McMaster. Cordelia's Honor. $15.00.
Omnibus reprint collects Shards of Honor (1986) Barrayar (1991). Cover art by Gary Ruddell. New afterword by Bujold. Signed copies available.
"If you haven't been reading Bujold, this is the place to start. Highly recommended."--Debbie
Burnett, Cathy and Arnie Fenner with Jim Loehr, editors. Spectrum 3: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. $24.95.
Front cover art by Frank Frazetta; back cover art by Donato Giancola.
Burroughs, Edgar Rice. The Beasts of Tarzan/The Son of Tarzan. $5.99.
Reprint 1916 and 1917 hardcovers. The third and fourth Tarzan novels. New cover art by Joe Jusko.
[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] R. A. Salvatore. Tarzan: The Epic Adventures. $10.00.
Based on the teleplay by Burt Armus, inspired by The Return of Tarzan and Tarzan at the Earth's Core.
Calvino, Italo. Numbers in the Dark and Other Stories. $12.00.
Reprint 1995 hardcover translation by Tim Parks from 1993 Italian.
Carrington, Leonora. The Hearing Trumpet. $15.95.
Reprint 1976 translation of 1974 French surrealist novel. Introduction by Helen Byatt.
Cassada, Jackie. see also [World of Darkness]
[cards] Chaosium. Mythos Standard Game Set. $12.95.
Chesbro, George C. Dream of a Falling Eagle. $21.00.
The fourteenth Mongo mystery novel.
Christensen, James C. with Renwick St. James and Alan Dean Foster. Voyage of the Basset. $29.95.
Chunovic, Louis. see [Rocky and Bullwinkle]
[Conan] Sean A. Moore. Conan and the Grim Grey God. $9.99.
Cover art by Doug Beckman.
Crowther, Peter and James Lovegrove. Escardy Gap. $26.95.
A horror novel. Jacket art by Mark Elliot.
Datlow, Ellen, editor. Twists of the Tale: An Anthology of Cat Horror. $5.50.
Includes original stories by Cadnum, Clegg, Constantine, Hoffman, Koja & Malzberg, Kress, Lee (Tanith), Oates, Soukup, Spruill, Taylor (Lucy), Wilson (Gahan), Yolen and others; reprints by Burroughs (William) and King.
de Rico, Ul. The White Goblin. $19.95.
Sequel to The Rainbow Goblins ($19.95). Translated from the German by Stanley Baron.
[DeCles, Jon as] 'Mason Powell'. The Brig. $12.95.
Reprint 1984 paperback homoerotic novel. New foreword and afterword by the author.
Delany, Samuel. Hogg. $11.95.
Reprint 1995 hardcover.
Demi. The Dragon's Tale and Other Animal Fables of the Chinese Zodiac. $16.95.
Picture book, illustrated by Demi.
Denning, Troy. see [Planescape]
[Dr. Who] Ben Aaronovitch. The Also People. $5.95.
Doctor Who The New Adventures 44.
[Dr. Who] Craig Hinton. The Crystal Bucephalus. $5.95.
Doctor Who The Missing Adventures 4.
[Dr. Who] Paul Leonard. Dancing the Code. $5.95.
Doctor Who The Missing Adventures 9.
[Dr. Who] Dave Stone. Death and Diplomacy. $5.95.
Doctor Who The New Adventures 49.
[Dr. Who] Simon Bucher-Jones. The Death of Art. $5.95.
Doctor Who The New Adventures 54.
[Dr. Who] John Peel. Evolution. $5.95.
Doctor Who The Missing Adventures 2.
[Dr. Who] Barry Letts. The Ghosts of N-Space. $5.95.
Doctor Who The Missing Adventures 7.
[Dr. Who] Paul Cornell. Goth Opera. $5.95.
Doctor Who The Missing Adventures 1.
[Dr. Who] Steve Lyons. Head Games. $5.95.
Doctor Who The New Adventures 43.
[Dr. Who] Paul Cornell. Human Nature. $5.95.
Doctor Who The New Adventures 38.
" Probably the very best of all the New Adventures, I cannot recommend this book too highly. Tight, fast-paced and enjoyable on its own merits, it is even more moving & powerful in context."--Jennifer
[Dr. Who] Daniel Blythe. Infinite Requiem. $5.95.
Doctor Who The New Adventures 36.
[Dr. Who] Gary Russell. Invasion of the Cat-People. $6.99.
Doctor Who The Missing Adventures 13.
[Dr. Who] Lance Parkin. Just War. $5.95.
Doctor Who The New Adventures 46.
[Dr. Who] Martin Day. The Menagerie. $5.95.
Doctor Who The Missing Adventures 10.
[Dr. Who] Craig Hinton. Millennial Rites. $5.95.
Doctor Who The Missing Adventures 15.
[Dr. Who] Andy Lane. Original Sin. $5.95.
Doctor Who The New Adventures 39.
[Dr. Who] Jim Mortimore. Parasite. $5.95.
Doctor Who The New Adventures 33.
[Dr. Who] Gareth Roberts. The Romance of Crime. $5.95.
Doctor Who The Missing Adventures 6.
[Dr. Who] David A. McIntee. Sanctuary. $5.95.
Doctor Who The New Adventures 37.
[Dr. Who] Kate Orman. Set Piece. $5.95.
Doctor Who The New Adventures 35.
[Dr. Who] Terrance Dicks. Shakedown. $6.99.
Doctor Who The New Adventures 45.
[Dr. Who] Dave Stone. Sky Pirates!. $5.95.
Doctor Who The New Adventures 40.
[Dr. Who] Kate Orman. Sleepy. $5.95.
Doctor Who The New Adventures 48. Illustrations by Jason Towers.
[Dr. Who] Christopher Bulis. The Sorcerer's Apprentice. $5.95.
Doctor Who The Missing Adventures 12.
[Dr. Who] Justin Richards. System Shock. $5.95.
Doctor Who The Missing Adventures 11.
[Dr. Who] Steve Lyons. Time of Your Life. $5.95.
Doctor Who The Missing Adventures 8.
[Dr. Who] Paul Leonard. Venusian Lullaby. $5.95.
Doctor Who The Missing Adventures 3.
[Dr. Who] Andrew Cartmel. Warlock. $5.95.
Doctor Who The New Adventures 34: sequel to Warhead.
[Dr. Who] Andrew Cartmel. Warchild. $5.95.
Doctor Who The New Adventures 47: sequel to Warlock.
[Dr. Who] James Stevens and David Bishop. Who Killed Kennedy. $5.95.
[Dr. Who] Gareth Roberts. Zamper. $6.99.
Doctor Who The New Adventures 41.
Doherty, P. C. see 'Ann Dukthas'
Dozois, Gardner and Sheila Williams, editors. Isaac Asimov's Vampires. $5.50.
Reprints vampire stories by Cadigan, Farber, Frost, Lee, Palwick, Willis and others from Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine.
[Dragonlance] Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Dragons of Summer Flame. $7.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. Dragonlance Chronicles 4. Cover art and illustration by Larry Elmore.
[Duchovny, David] Paul Mitchell. The Duchovny Files: The Truth is in Here. $16.95.
Non-fiction: biography, interviews, filmography, Internet reprints.
Duignan, Patricia Rose. see also [Star Wars]
[Doherty, P. C. as] 'Ann Dukthas'. The Prince Lost to Time. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. A second Nicholas Segalla time-travel historical (1815 Paris) mystery, following A Time for the Death of A King.
Duncan, Dave. Past Imperative. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. The Great Game 1. Cover art by Matt Stawicki.
Duncan, Dave. Present Tense. $23.00.
The Great Game 2: sequel to Past Imperative ($5.99). Jacket art by Matt Stawicki.
[bes Shahar, Eluki] as 'Rosemary Edghill'. Book of Moons. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. A second Bast mystery, sequel to Speak Daggers to Her ($4.99).
Edwards, Graham. Dragoncharm. $5.99.
Reprint 1994 British hardcover. Cover art by Paul Youll.
[Elvira] Elvira [Cassandra Peterson] with John Paragon. Transylvania 90210. $4.99.
Elvira 1.
Escher, M. C. see [calendar]
Fenner, Archie. see Cathy Burnett
Ford, Michael, editor. Happily Ever After: Erotic Fairy Tales for Men. $12.95.
Original short stories by Brite & Ferguson, Christian, Killian, Roche, Stone (Kyle), Townsend and others.
[Forgotten Realms] J. Robert King, editor. Realms of the Underdark. $5.99.
Original anthology, with stories by Cunningham, Greenwood, Thomsen and others.
Forstchen, William R. see [Wing Commander]
Foster, Alan Dean. see James C. Christensen
Friedman, Michael Jan. see [Star Trek: The Next Generation]; [Star Trek: Deep Space Nine]
Friesner, Esther M. The Sword of Mary. $5.99.
Sequel to The Psalms of Herod ($5.99).
Froud, Brian. see also David Larkin
Fullilove, Eric James. Circle of One. $5.50.
Gardner, Craig Shaw. Dragon Burning. $21.95.
The Dragon Circle 3, sequel to Dragon Sleeping ($5.99) and Dragon Waking ($5.99).
Gear, Kathleen O'Neal and W. Michael Gear. People of the Lightning. $6.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. A seventh First North Americans novel, this one set in ancient Florida.
Gibson, William. see [audio]
Gillespie, Donna. The Light Bearer. $7.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover historical (1st Century middle Europe) novel.
Golden, Christopher. see [X-Men]
Gorman, Ed. see Martin H. Greenberg
Grant, Richard. Tex and Molly in the Afterlife. $24.00.
Green, Sharon. Convergence. $5.99.
The Blending 1. Cover art by Tom Canty.
Greenberg, Martin H. and Ed Gorman, editors. Cat Crimes Takes a Vacation. $5.50.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. A sixth Cat Crimes feline mystery anthology with original stories by Collins (Michael), Gorman, Paul, Pronzini, Rusch and others.
Greenberg, Martin H. and Robert Weinberg, editors. Miskatonic University. $5.99.
Original anthology with stories by Bonansinga, Lindskold, Murray, Rodgers and others.
[Gorey, Edward] Clifford Ross and Karen Wilkin. The World of Edward Gorey. $29.95.
Grotta, Daniel. see [J. R. R. Tolkien]
Gunnarsson, Thorarinn. see also [Mystara]
Hague, Michael, editor. The Book of Dragons. $18.00.
Anthology reprints stories by Calvino, Colum, Grahame, Lang, Lewis, Nesbit, Tolkien and others.. Jacket art and llustrations by Hague.
Halperin, James L. The Truth Machine: A Speculative Novel. $24.00.
Hambly, Barbara. Mother of Winter. $23.00.
Wraparound jacket art by Donato Giancola.
Hambly, Barbara. Traveling with the Dead. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover.
Hawking, Stephen. The Illustrated Brief History of Time. $37.50.
Updated and Expanded Edition of 1988 hardcover. Non-fiction.
Hess, Joan. Miracles in Maggody. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. A ninth Arly Hanks mystery novel.
Hickman, Tracy. see [Dragonlance]
Hoffman, Nina Kiriki. see also [R. L. Stine]
Hoffmann, E. T. A. Nutcracker. $35.00.
Illustrations by Roberto Innocenti. Translation uncredited.
Hopen, Stuart. Warp Angel. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. Butch woman cover art by Gary Ruddell.
Jakubowski, Maxim, editor. The Mammoth Book of International Erotica. $10.95.
Anthology reprints stories by Ballard, Meltzer, Perkins, Rice, Roche, Shirley, Taylor, Vollmann and others.
Jeter, K. W. Blade Runner [3]: Replicant Night. $22.95.
Jacket art by Stephen Youll. Sequel to Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human ($5.99) and the film based on Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? ($11.00).
Jones, Chuck. Chuck Reducks. $26.95.
Foreword by Robin Williams.
Jones, J. V. A Man Betrayed. $5.99.
Reprint 1996 trade paperback. The Book of Words 2: sequel to The Baker's Boy ($5.99). Cover art by Darrell K. Sweet.
Jones, J. V. Master and Fool. $12.99.
The Book of Words 3. Cover art by Darrell K. Sweet.
Jordan, Neil. Michael Collins. $12.95.
Jordan's personal journal and screenplay.
Joyce, Graham. Requiem. $22.95.
Reprint 1995 British hardcover dark fantasy novel.
Joyce, William. The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs. $15.95.
Picture book, illustrated by Joyce with his usual references to 1930's science fiction imagery.
Keesey, Pam, editor. Women Who Run with the Werewolves: Tales of Blood, Lust and Metamorphosis. $12.95.
Reprints stories by Charnas, Le Guin, Tem; originals by Piccirilli Roche and others.
Kihn, Greg. Horror Show. $23.95.
King, J. Robert. see [Forgotten Realms]; [Planescape]
King, Stephen. The Bachman Books. $15.95.
Reprint 1985 hardcover omnibus. New essay 'The Importance of Being Bachman' replaces old introduction.
King, Stephen. The Green Mile: boxed set. $18.94.
All six parts, adding a Windows screen saver.
King, Stephen. Thinner. $6.99.
Reprint 1984 hardcover, movie tie-in edition, now with the Bachman attribution dropped from the cover.
Kipling, Rudyard. Just So Stories. $22.00.
Illustrated (color plates) by Barry Moser.
Klages, Ellen. see Pat Murphy
Kliban, B. see [calendar]
Koontz, Dean. Intensity. $7.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover.
Kotzwinkle, William. The Bear Went Over the Mountain. $22.50.
[Kushner, Tony] Per Brask, editor. Essays on Kushner's Angels. $14.95.
Lackey, Mercedes. The Fire Rose. $6.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. Cover art by Darrell K. Sweet.
Laidlaw, Marc. The Third Force: A Novel of Gadget. $11.00.
Based on the Synergy, Inc. CD-ROM.
Lambdin, Dewey. The Gun Ketch. $5.99.
Reprint 1993 hardcover. A fifth Alan Lewrie historical (1786 Bahamas) naval novel.
Larkin, David, editor [Brian Froud and Alan Lee]. Faeries. $24.95.
Reprint 1978 hardcover.
le Carré, John. The Tailor of Panama. $25.00.
"While not as intricate as le Carré's tangled best, there is a certain morbid fascination in watching the web of multiple deceits in this present-day espionage novel unravel."--Dave
le Carré, John. see also [audio]
Leakey, Richard and Roger Lewin. The Sixth Extinction: Patterns of Life and the Future of Humankind. $14.00.
Reprint 1995 hardcover non-fiction.
Lee, Alan. see also David Larkin
Leon, Mark. The Unified Field. $5.99.
Lindahn, Val and Ron. How to Choose Your Dragon. $15.95.
Picture book.
Loehr, Jim. see Cathy Burnett
Lovecraft, H. P. [and Others]. The Horror in the Museum and Other Revisions. $4.95.
Reprint 1970 hardcover; second paperback edition.
"Although Lovecraft's name appears on the front cover as sole author, these are really stories by lesser hands, retouched by HPL. For completists only."--Dave
Lovecraft, H. P. The Transition of H. P. Lovecraft: The Road to Madness. $10.00.
Cover art by John Jude Palencar. Introduction by Barbara Hambly. Collects 29 stories, including 'Herbert West: Reanimator' and At the Mountains of Madness.
"Some of the best of Lovecraft's fiction."--Dave
Lovegrove, James. see Peter Crowther
Lupoff, Richard A. The Silver Chariot Killer. $21.95.
A sixth Hobart Lindsey (no Mavis) mystery novel. Introduction by Steven Saylor.
MacLachlan, Patricia. Tomorrow's Wizard. $6.00.
Reprint 1982 hardcover. Cover art by Gary Lippincott.
[Magic: The Gathering]. see [calendar]
Manson, Cynthia, editor. Christmas Crimes. $5.99.
Anthology reprints stores from Alfred Hitchcock's/Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine by Allingham, Carr, Christie, Goulart, Hoch, Simenon and others.
Marley, Louise. Sing the Warmth. $5.99.
Cover art by Bob Eggleton.
Marlowe, Stephen. The Lighthouse at the End of the World. $12.95.
Reprint 1995 hardcover.
[Mars Attacks] [Lawrence Watt-Evans as] 'Nathan Archer'. Martian Deathtrap. $5.99.
Reprint 1996 hardcover. Mars Attacks 1. Based on the Topps Company trading cards. Includes mail-in trading card offer.
Mason, Lisa. The Golden Nineties. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover.
Masterton, Graham. The House that Jack Built. $24.00.
A horror novel.
Matthews, Rodney. see [cd-rom]
McAuley, Paul J. Fairyland. $12.50.
Reprint 1995 British hardcover.
McKeone, Dixie Lee. see [Birthright]
McKiernan, Dennis L. Caverns of Socrates. $6.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover.
Merla, Patrick, editor. Boys Like Us: Gay Writers Tell Their Coming Out Stories. $24.00.
Lead essay 'Coming/Out' by Samuel R. Delany.
Milán, Victor. see [Battletech]
Miller, Linda Lael. Tonight and Always. $6.50.
A new generation of vampire romance.
Miller, Rand. see [Myst]
Miller, Rand.and Robin see [Myst]
Moesta, Rebecca. see also [Star Wars]
Moore, Sean A. see [Conan]
Murphy, Pat, Ellen Klages, Linda Shore and the Staff at the Exploratorium. The Science Explorer: Family Experiments from the World's Favorite Hands-On. $12.95.
An Exploratorium-at-Home Book.
[Myst] Rand and Robyn Miller with David Wingrove. Myst: The Book of Atrus. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover.
[Myst] Rand Miller with David Wingrove. Myst: The Book of Ti'ana. $22.95.
Sequel to Myst: The Book of Atrus ($5.99). Includes poster.
[Mystara] Thorarinn Gunnarsson. Dragonmage of Mystara. $5.99.
Sequel to Dragonlord of Mystara ($5.95) and Dragonking of Mystara ($5.99).
Nance, John J. Pandora's Clock. $6.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover thriller.
Napoli, Donna Jo. Song of the Magdalene. $15.95.
Newman, Sharan. The Wandering Arm. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. A third Catherine LeVendeur historical (12th century Paris) mystery novel.
Nichols, Nichelle with Margaret Wander Bonanno. Saturn's Child. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover.
Nielsen Hayden, Patrick, editor. Starlight 1. $24.95.
Hardcover of the trade paperback anthology received in August.
"Superb short fiction, most especially 'Erase, Record, Play' by John M. Ford--worth the price by itself."--Debbie.
Niven, Larry, Jerry Pournelle and Steven Barnes. Beowulf's Children. $6.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. Wraparound cover art by Michael Whelan.
Nix, Garth. Sabriel. $15.95.
Reprint 1995 Australian hardcover. Jacket art by Leo and Diane Dillon.
"A remarkable novel, beautifully written young adult fantasy."--Richard
Noon, Jeff. Automated Alice. $21.00.
Yet another Carroll pastiche.
Norfolk, Lawrence. The Pope's Rhinoceros. $25.00.
Norman, Lisanne. Fire Margins. $6.99.
Sholan Alliance 3: Turning Point ($3.99) and Fortune's Wheel ($5.99).
Norton, Andre. The Warding of Witch World. $22.95.
The final Witch World novel. Jacket art by Kevin Johnson.
Notkin, Debbie. see [Outer Limits]
O'Brian, Patrick. The Yellow Admiral. $24.00.
Aubrey/Maturin 18. Jacket art by Geoff Hunt.
O'Brian, Patrick. The Golden Ocean. $12.95.
Reprint 1956 hardcover historical (18th Century) naval novel.
O'Brian, Patrick. The Unknown Shore. $12.95.
Reprint 1959 hardcover historical (18th Century) naval novel.
[Outer Limits] Debbie Notkin and Roger Stewart, editors. The Outer Limits Volume One. $12.00.
Anthology of stories based on the show by Duane, Ford and Hendrix (Howard V.), plus a reprint of story by Ellison that the show adapted.
Page, Jake. Operation Shatterhand. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. An alternate historical (1944 Arizona) novel.
Park, Nick. Wallace & Gromit: A Close Shave. $7.99.
Picture book based on 1994 Academy Award Best Animated Short Film.
Park, Nick. Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers. $7.99.
Picture book based on 1996 Academy Award Best Animated Short Film.
Parrish, Maxfield. see [calendar]
Perret, Patti. The Faces of Fantasy. $22.95.
Photos of fantasy authors by Perret. Companion volume to The Faces of Science Fiction (1984). Introduction by Terri Windling.
"Many fine photographs, some odd choices--but if you want to know what your favorite authors look like, this is a good way."--Debbie
Perret, Patti. The Faces of Fantasy. $40.00.
Hardcover edition.
Perry, Anne. Cain His Brother. $6.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. The sixth Inspector Monk historical mystery novel.
Perry, Anne. Weighed in the Balance. $23.00.
The seventh Inspector Monk historical mystery novel.
Piercy, Marge. City of Darkness, City of Light. $25.00.
Historical (French Revolution) novel.
"This long, detailed novel of the French Revolution isn't perfect . . . but it's entertaining, fascinating, informative and very hard to put down. Recommended."--Debbie
Pierce, Meredith Ann. The Son of Summer Stars. $17.95.
Book Three of The Firebringer Trilogy.
[Planescape] J. Robert King. Blood Hostages. $5.99.
The Blood Wars Trilogy 1.
[Planescape] J. Robert King. Abyssal Warriors. $5.99.
The Blood Wars Trilogy 2.
[Planescape] Troy Denning. Page of Pain. $19.99.
Poe, Robert. Return to the House of Usher. $22.95.
Posey, Ernest. Hormone Pirates of Xenobia and Dream Studs of Kama Loka. $11.95.
Potter, Beatrix. see [calendar]
Pournelle, Jerry. see Larry Niven
'Powell, Mason'. see Jon DeCles
Priest, Christopher. The Prestige. $24.95.
Reprint 1995 British hardcover. Winner 1996 World Fantasy Award for Best Novel. Jacket art by Greg Spalenka.
Regis, Ed. Virus Ground Zero: Stalking the Killer Viruses with the Centers for Disease Control. $23.00.
Reichert, Mickey Zucker. Prince of Demons. $22.95.
The Renshai Chronicles 2: sequel to Beyond Ragnarok ($5.99). Jacket art by Jody A. Lee.
Robb, Candace. The King's Bishop. $23.95.
An Owen Archer historical (1367 England) mystery novel.
Robinson, Spider. Callahan's Legacy. $20.95.
Jacket art by James Warhola.
Roche, Thomas S. see Michael Rowe
[Rocky and Bullwinkle] Louis Chunovic. The Rocky and Bullwinkle Book. $50.00.
History and Guide to all 326 episodes in this post-Mondo/Wired book.
Roszak, Theodore. Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. Co-winner 1996 James Tiptree Jr. Award.
Rowe, Michael and Thomas S. Roche, editors. Sons of Darkness: Tales of Men, Blood, and Immortality. $12.95.
Original gay male vampire stories by Andersson, Califia, Kilpatrick, Queen and others; one reprint by Brite. Copies signed by Roche available.
[Running Press]. Treasure Chests: Ancient China: 2,000 Years of Mystery and Adventure to. $19.95.
Includes Great Wall paper model, warrior figures, Chinese chessboard, map, stickers, calendar disk and other fun stuff.
Salvatore, R. A. see [Edgar Rice Burroughs]
Schwartz, Howard and Barbara Rush, selectors and retellers. The Wonder Child & Other Jewish Fairy Tales. $16.95.
Illustrated by Stephen Fieser.
See, Carolyn. Golden Days. $10.95.
Reprint 1987 hardcover, set in post-Apocalypse California.
[Dr. Seuss] Judith and Neil Morgan. Dr. Seuss & Mr. Geisel: A Biography. $14.95.
Reprint 1995 hardcover non-fiction.
bes Shahar, Eluki. see 'Rosemary Edghill'
Sheehan, William. The Planet Mars: A History of Observation and Discovery. $19.95.
Sheffield, Charles. Georgia on My Mind and Other Places. $13.95.
Reprint 1995 hardcover short story collection.
Shelley, Rick. The Fires of Coventry. $5.99.
Sequel to The Buchanan Campaign ($5.99).
Sherman, Josepha. Forging the Runes. $5.99.
Prince of the Sidhe 2: sequel to The Shattered Oath ($5.99).
Shore, Linda. see Pat Murphy
Springer, Nancy. Fair Peril. $12.00.
Trade paperback.
Springer, Nancy. Fair Peril. $23.00.
[Star Trek]. Star Trek The Original Series Crew Member's Exploration Pack. $19.95.
Includes star map, 3-D glasses, glow-in-the-dark stickers, full-color stickers, Log Book, Fact File, communicator, ID card and other surprises.
[Star Trek: The Next Generation] Michael Jan Friedman. Crossover. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover.
[Star Trek: Deep Space Nine] Michael Jan Friedman. Saratoga. $5.99.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 18.
[Star Wars] Kevin J. Anderson. Darksaber. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. Cover art by Drew Struzan.
[Star Wars] Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta. Star Wars: Jabba's Palace Pop-Up Book. $19.95.
Illustrated by Ralph McQuarrie.
[Star Wars] Stephen J. Sansweet, compiler. The Quotable Star Wars. $6.00.
[Star Wars] Mark Cotta Vaz and Patricia Rose Duignan. Industrial Light and Magic: Into the Digital Realm. $80.00.
Foreword by Steven Spielberg.
[Star Wars]. see also [calendar]
[Stine, R. L.] Nina Kiriki Hoffman. Body Switchers from Outer Space. $3.99.
Ghosts of Fear Street 14.
Stine, R. L. R. L. Stine's Ghosts of Fear Street: Totally Cool Vampire Kit. $7.99.
Stine, R. L. Diary of a Mad Mummy. $3.99.
Give Yourself Goosebumps 10.
Stine, R. L. Attack of the Jack-o'-Lanterns. $3.99.
Goosebumps 48.
Stine, R. L. Goosebumps Monster Edition #2. $12.95.
Hardcover omnibus reprint, collecting all three parts of Night of the Living Dummy (Goosebumps 7, 1993; Goosebumps 31, 1995; and Goosebumps 40, 1996).
Stine, R. L. see also [calendar]
Swiniarski, S. A. Raven. $5.99.
A vampire novel.
[Thunderscape] Mark Acres. Indomitable Thunder. $5.50.
Thunderscape 3.
[Tolkien, J. R. R.] Christopher Tolkien. The Lost Road and Other Writings. $6.99.
Reprint 1987 British hardcover. The History of Middle-Earth 5: Language and Legend Before The Lord of the Rings. Wraparound cover art by John Howe.
[Tolkien, J. R. R.] Daniel Grotta. J. R. R. Tolkien: Architect of Middle Earth. $14.98.
Reprint 1976 hardcover biography. Illustrations by The Brothers Hildebrandt from earlier calendars and books.
Vance, Jack. Night Lamp. $23.95.
Jacket art by Vladimir Nenov.
Vaz, Mark Cotta. see also [Star Wars]
Vonnegut, Kurt. Mother Night. $6.50.
Reprint 1962 paperback (and introduction from 1966 hardcover); movie tie-in cover.
Warner, Marina, editor. Wonder Tales: Six French Stories on Enchantment. $22.00.
Reprint 1994 British hardcover, translated by Gilbert Adair, A. S. Byatt and others.
Warner, Marina. From the Beast to the Blonde: On Fairy Tales and Their Tellers. $16.00.
Reprint 1994 British hardcover non-fiction.
Watt-Evans, Lawrence. see [Mars Attacks]
Weinberg, Robert. see Martin H. Greenberg
Weis, Margaret. see [Dragonlance]
Wells, Angus. Exile's Children. $5.99.
Reprint 1995 hardcover. The Exile's Saga 1. Wraparound cover art by Stephen Youll.
Westlake, Donald E. What's the Worst that Could Happen?. $22.00.
A Dortmunder comic thriller.
Williams, Sheila and Cynthia Manson, editors. Intergalactic Mercenaries. $5.99.
Anthology reprints stories from Analog by Bova, Bryant, Bujold, Dickson, Pohl and Zahn.
Williams, Sheila. see Gardner Dozois
Windling, Terri, editor. The Armless Maiden and Other Tales for Childhood's Survivors. $14.95.
Reprint 1995 hardcover, apparently rebound from those hardcover pages. Original stories by Bull, Dalkey, deLint, Gould (Steven), Kushner, Lee (Tanith), McKillip, Palwick, Russ, Sexton, Sherman (Delia), Snyder, Straub, Yolen and others.
[Wing Commander] William R. Forstchen and Ben Ohlander. The Price of Freedom. $5.99.
Wing Commander 5. Based on the Origina Systems, Inc. computer game.
Wingrove, David. see [Myst]; [Myst]
Woodward, Ann. The Exile Way. $5.50.
A Mystery of Ancient Japan.
[World of Darkness] Jackie Cassada. Shadows on the Hill. $5.99.
The World of Darkness: Immortal Eyes Trilogy 2.
[The X-Files]. The X-Files Postcard Book: The Conspiracies. $8.99.
[X-Men] Christopher Golden. Sanctuary. $5.99.
Mutant Empire 2: sequel to Siege ($5.99). Cover art by Ray Lago. Illustrations by Rick Leonardi and Terry Austin. A Byron Preiss Multimedia Company, Inc., package.
Yolen, Jane. Sing Noel. $18.00.
Illustrations by Nancy Sippel Carpenter. Musical arrangements by Adam Stemple.
Yolen, Jane. Here There Be Angels. $17.95.
Illustrations by David Wilgus.
Zubrin, Robert with Richard Wagner. The Case for Mars: The Plan to Settle the Red Planet and Why We Must. $25.00.
Non-fiction. Foreword by Arthur C. Clarke.

Audio received October 1996

[audio] William Gibson. Idoru. $17.95.
Abridged reading by Jay O. Sanders. Approximately three hours on two cassettes.
[audio] John le Carré. The Tailor of Panama. $25.95.
Abridged reading by le Carré. Approximately six hours on four cassettes.
[audio] [Star Trek: Voyager] Jeri Taylor. Mosaic. $18.00.
Abridged reading by Kate Mulgrew. Approx three hours on two cassettes.
[cd-rom] Rodney Matthews. Between Earth and the End of Time: The Worlds of Rodney Matthews. $49.95.
Original music by Rick Wakeman. Multi-format: requires Mac System 7.0 or Windows 3.1+/486sx25+ . Appears to be Moorcock-multiverse related.

Calendars received October 1996

[calendar] Scott Adams. If It's Urgent, Start Ignoring It Immediately Dilbert 1997 Calendar. $10.95.
The Dilbert wall calendar.
[calendar] [Pomegranate]. Camelot 1997 Calendar: The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table. $11.95.
Paintings by Burne-Jones and other Pre-Raphaelites.
[calendar] M. C. Escher. M. C. Escher 1997 Calendar Reflections. $11.95.
[calendar] [Pomegranate]. Fairies 1997 Calendar. $10.95.
Dadd, Fitzgerald, Hughes, Rackham and other Victorian.
[calendar] Susan Seddon Boulet. Goddesses: The Paintings of Susan Seddon Boulet 1997 Calendar. $14.95.
[calendar] R. L. Stine. Goosebumps 1997 Calendar. $10.99.
Grate-slide animated versions of Goosebump covers.
[calendar] B. Kliban. Planet Kliban 1997 Calendar. $11.95.
[calendar] [Magic: The Gathering]. Magic: The Gathering Calendar 1997. $9.95.
Paintings by Bolton, Cherry, Hale, Sienkiewicz and others.
[calendar] [Magic: The Gathering]. Magic: The Gathering 1997 Calendar: 365 Days in Dominia. $9.95.
The Color Page-A-Day 1997 Calendar.
[calendar] [Morpheus]. Morpheus International 1997 Calendar: Fantastic Art. $12.95.
Paintings by Barker, Bosch, Giger, Klarwein, Yerka and others.
[calendar] Maxfield Parrish. Maxfield Parrish: A 16-Month 1997 Calendar [Avalanche]. $10.99.
[calendar] Maxfield Parrish. Maxfield Parrish 1997 [Mini] Calendar [Pomegranate]. $6.95.
Twelve of his landscapes.
[calendar] Maxfield Parrish. Maxfield Parrish 1997 [Pocket] Calendar [Pomegranate]. $6.95.
[calendar] Maxfield Parrish. Maxfield Parrish 1997 Calendar [Pomegranate]. $11.95.
[calendar] Beatrix Potter. The Original Peter Rabbit Calendar 1997. $11.99.
[calendar] Susan Seddon Boulet. Shaman: The Paintings of Susan Seddon Boulet: 1997 Calendar. $11.95.
[calendar] Susan Seddon Boulet. Storytellers: The Paintings of Susan Seddon Boulet 1997 Engagement Calendar. $12.95.
[calendar] [Star Wars]. Star Wars 1997 Calendar: 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition. $11.99.
Twelve posters.
[calendar] [Star Wars]. The Art of Star Wars 1997 Datebook. $13.95.

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